In order to sell products, 199 people in the WeChat group of 200 people are nursery. Is WeChat social security?

5 thoughts on “In order to sell products, 199 people in the WeChat group of 200 people are nursery. Is WeChat social security?”

  1. Nowadays, telecommunications fraud has become the most vulnerable type of fraud in our daily life. We use WeChat to gradually rise. Most micro -quotients are more formal, and they sell their products to obtain benefits. However, there are also many irregular micro -businessmen who use the name of sales products for telecommunications fraud. This is what we need to prevent in daily life. There are many people who sell products. There are 199 people in the WeChat group of 200 people who are nursery, and only one deceived person is kind. This kind of fraud is unable to truly identify. WeChat social networking is relatively safe than other social networks, but we also have to polish our own eyes to protect our own personal safety and property security.
    although we want to prevent telecommunications fraud, we do not do such illegal things ourselves, but for us, do not greedy for a moment of cheapness, which will cause irreparable property security. WeChat Socially used the most social methods at this stage, and it is still relatively safe in general, but this idea generally exists in the public, and it is also the main reason why the public is blinded by telecommunications by telecommunications. In daily life, we will receive a lot of temptation, especially the temptation of money. Many people will lose themselves in order to be cheap or be confused by some bad sellers.
    Is when we use WeChat daily, do not greedy for a small cheap and cause irreparable losses. Nowadays, telecommunications fraud is the focus of the public security department. We must call the police to safeguard our legal interests when we are scammented by telecommunications. In this way, our legitimate interests are protected. When using social software daily, you should also polish your eyes and not be confused by these bad guys. This is the most important.

  2. Not very safe. Playing advertising products on WeChat is the most common thing. Some people buy unnecessary numbers, add people to sell products. And the product is good or not, as long as the money arrives, run at any time.

  3. After all, WeChat social networking is virtual. Pay attention to your own information and property security, and learn to distinguish the authenticity of information.

  4. WeChat strangers are not safe. In fact, it is not just WeChat. It is also best not to believe the words of strangers easily on the Internet. Do not transfer directly without guarantee.

  5. Generally speaking, authenticity is still, and there are still fakes on regular software, not to mention WeChat, now many telecommunications frauds are implemented through WeChat. People think of WeChat, not afraid, but WeChat can also buy and sell.

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