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  1. How to do a good job in community marketing? Community marketing five -step method to help you create a sharp social marketing!
    The process of the entire closed loop is roughly like this:

    Coustically increase the value of the user's viscosity mining value points for product sales to establish social brands r
    Social marketing five Step promotion method to help you create a keen social marketing, quickly collect
    Ploping five -step promotion method for community marketing

    . Value differences
    n The indispensable part of the marketing link is also the prerequisite for order transactions. There are many ways to mine differences and promote transactions.

    1. Stimulation of the desire to buy

    constantly explaining the quality of the product, can draw a beautiful blueprint for customers in need, let them continue to think about it, after getting the product, after getting the product They have been improved, how many excellent, how many powerful scenes, increase the desire to buy;

    2, competitive analysis

    The only person who sells. Otherwise, monopoly will soar. Therefore, the analysis of competitive product is the basic skills of sales staff. For users with demand, what are the advantages of our products and competitive products? For example, the price is relatively favorable, the service is relatively comprehensive, the content is boring, and there are value -added services that other products do not have.

    3, discount promotion

    Discount promotion is the most common sales strategy. No one does not like to take advantage, because they can not only save money, but also get "face", and have a psychological sense of superiority. A good promotional activity must be designed "limited time" and "price bottom line". The "limited time order" is to ease the tension and urge users to complete the transaction as soon as possible, otherwise once they miss it, users will suffer losses. The "bottom line" is to comprehensively consider our cost, not just for transactions, but not just for profit or even losses, so it is best not to do such a business.

    . The increase in community value

    each society has specific existence value. The first step is to find out what specific value our community can provide. In fact, it is also our "virtual product". Only when you really know what value you can provide can you know where you find someone you need. The first step belongs to the positioning link, which is very important. There are two points to pay attention to:

    1, value should be mutually beneficial

    If it is only a single sales of a product or product, users may be tired of the community model for a long time. Their enthusiasm It is getting lower and lower. If the return between the community and the members is mutual, then the self -operating ecology of the community can be truly established, because members can share, produce, help each other, and help improve each other's mutually beneficial relationships. It often enables the mutually beneficial relationships of personal brands. Value connection becomes longer.

    2. What is the return value carrier

    is not enough to define the value of the community, because our ultimate goal is to convert the value into returns, and the return must be carriers. For example, a community of interests, based on common interests, attracted a large number of fans and shared interests to communicate every day. This is indeed very valuable, but how to transform value? Therefore, the return carrier is like the road to the "door of wealth".

    3. Product promotion

    In the work of the above work, especially after the pain points are dug, the order will be closed naturally, either the customer is waiting for you, or the customer will come to the door. As long as the pain points are dug out, the product can be promoted and sold boldly, not afraid of being rejected, or even scaring away.

    4. Increase user stickiness
    In most traditional marketing environments, product sales are basically disposable. When customers need it, they happen to find you. When they don't need it, they can't find anyone in the sea. After the establishment of community value, we must consciously maintain customers, such as providing some free services to allow customers to stay first;

    community marketing is so powerful because the online community can better adhere to users. With customers as family members, the product grade is improved through deep interaction, so as to achieve secondary sales, three sales, or even more, not only get economic returns, but also helps brand development.

    5. Community brand promotion
    It after successful completion of sales activities, we should not end it. Followed by the most important working parts: maintaining old users and creating community brands. There are two purposes:

    1. Increasing the influence of the community

    In my opinion, whether to buy a bill does not reflect whether the user is your iron heart. It is likely that users will only pay for their own needs to solve their own needs. As for who you are, it doesn't matter. If there are better and more favorable products, they may pay there, and users who do not pay may be consistent with the community in ideology. This is very recognized. Buy products, that's all. Therefore, it is the key to continue to maintain the "hardcore fans" of society. Only iron fans can help the development of the community and continue to enhance the influence of the community;

    The biggest difference between community marketing and traditional marketing is that the community and users are not just simple transactions, but more Emotional connection. So whether we have reached an agreement, we are our fans. They should be treated equally. Many operators make mistakes: During the marketing process, users who are willing to pay for it are God. Users who do not pay for it are ignored and even started to ignore them. This is a wrong approach.

    2, secondary and multi -marketing opportunities

    The product function needs to keep up with the pace of the development of the times. With the development of society, the requirements for skills are getting higher and higher. Therefore, most of the products in the community are updated and upgraded regularly. After upgrading, the service will be better, and the price will generally be higher. Who is the first pioneer after upgrading?

    of course, users who have paid are the first choice. Because they use the product, they have more "right to speak" and basically recognize the products of society, so the possibility of transferring payment is higher. If the community is also being upgraded and has the ability to launch more products, it can still be sold twice and multiple sales, and the audience is still the first choice of the community.

    OK, the above is the five steps of community marketing, and it is also the basic process of community marketing. I hope it can help you.

    Cario marketing
    Carians to use community to establish and maintain a good relationship, and finally achieve the purpose of maximizing business value. The embodiment of business value may be reflected in the community scale, community membership activity, community conversion rate, GMV and other indicators.
    The meaning of the community can be divided into 2 categories from the perspective of the company.

    , the community itself can complete a closed loop of a business model (or the community can independently become a channel for the company's business and does not interfere with the original model).

    . For example, a certain e -commerce company has a Tmall store with an annual turnover of tens of millions, but the boss starts to build his own community, precipitate e -commerce flow to the community, and use the community to maintain user maintenance through the community , And then repurchase through the community.

    The community has its own complete business process, which does not affect the original business and operate independently.

    . The other category is a part of the business model.

    . For example, a company newly launched a new mother and infant product is in the MVP testing stage, and a group of Baoma seed users are needed. How to recruit accurate seed users quickly and lowly to establish contact with Baoma groups, the community can just meet this demand.

    This mother community is the first part of this project, providing assistance to the project launch. When the project is tested, the product has a stable user source, and the mission of this community as a business model may end.

    The main significance of operating communities for the company. But in fact, a little analysis, but no matter what type of community, the core of the operation is "building a closer relationship with more users."

  2. First of all, you need to know what is an effective community marketing: a simple understanding is to find the needs of the target users of the car, through WeChat and other Internet tools, such as "Ride ZS", attract them to form a circle, and then output the output Value, obtaining recognition, becoming a user, then fission, copying.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the first step: Jianqun Jianzhu is an important foundation for social marketing. Different customer attributes should build different groups to determine different communication themes. The number of people in the group should be determined according to the actual situation. Generally, do not do large groups. The number is generally about 200 people. It is not necessarily 500 people, the key is to pull people of the same attribute together. Step 2: After activating the group, in the operation of the group, the most important action is how to activate the members of the group, that is, your target customer. The goal that can be achieved in the end is: members of the group can generate high trust and high dependence. Emotional activation, value output, group must be an emotional space. To activate group members, value content spread is very important. To combine the characteristics of the group, choose the suitable communication content. Good and valuable content can produce important functions such as adhesive, lubricating oil, and amplifier. At present, there are many ways to make content. It can be graphic, small videos, copywriting, courses, etc. Its communication effect is very important. Step 3: Although the operating group is a very loose organization, a good group must have a complete set of management rules, and it must be managed by someone (the group without a special person is very easy to be trapped). It is very important to choose a group administrator. It is very important to choose a group administrator. Observe a lot of group management and draw such a point: not everyone will manage the group. Many people do not have the ability to social management. This person must have a strong social ability, especially the ability to manage acquaintances and semi -acquaintances, and have the ability to turn life to mature people. To have enthusiasm, delicate, and thoughtful, there must be a certain personal value charm, and the group without rules must not be done well. Step 4: Cracking the value of the group, on the one hand, make the group well. More importantly, it can give full play to the value of group members, especially seed users, use the means of communication in the mobile environment, and generate greater marketing through seed users to generate greater marketing marketing Propaganda fission will generate great value. To do a good job of dissemination fission depends on valuable content, good value content has the spread of communication. To do a good job of communication, it is necessary to rely on some effective means of communication to facilitate the spread of members of the group. At the same time, in the mobile Internet environment, with the help of new online trading methods, spreading a greater role. The marketing model that is separated from the transaction separation from the transaction has now formed a marketing model of communication and transaction integration.nCan I introduce the activation in detail? thanksnPeople who answered operations say that now it is the traffic outlet of the community's customer acquisition, but most of the community operations have done a good job at the beginning of the drainage link, but it may not be a good job of user work. It may be because you lack the following methods: About promoting work : The community needs to understand the meaning of the word "society" literally, which means that we need to have communication. 1. Chat script settings -Edit the chat content on the user's "pain point" and "cooling point" during the chat script setting process. This can not only arouse the user's discussion interest Pay. How to understand? If I am doing maternal and infant supplies, the front -end drainage work has been completed, and now I start to release the product, but few users buy, but if we say that this community, we first do the trust endorsement of the product and set up a chat script. It is said that the feelings and effects of the product and the effects I have encountered in urgent hopes that if a product can solve it, then you will launch your mother and baby product. I believe that it will definitely be significant than the previous effect. ———— Shape the selling point of my product in advance to highlight the pain points of the user 2. After the setting of the chat script can completely realize the discussion of the user's participation in the product topic, and to resonate with the user. This is very important. Product resonance, then launch your product. - Establishing emotions 3. Perhaps the introduction of product users will think that this is indeed what I want and can solve my needs, but the price is the problem that I am tangled. For secondary fission, when the user obtains the dual meetings of the price and demand, we can get more exposure to the products we operate. 2. Poster distribution, commission distribution, group purchase and other methods can fully meet our second fission. Maybe many people will say that there is nothing novel. Touching to the heart of the user, this is actually the key to operating a productn1 morenBleak

  4. 1. Positioning products must have good reputation and cost -effective products. Community marketing is the group pushing each other and spread very quickly;
    2, the crowd positioning, according to your product positioning Age, income, career, and tier cities, there are choices to locate the customer group you want to push, so that he has more effort.
    3, marketing model, let everyone spontaneously share and help pass by, for example, you can share a few people half -price or the first few free.

  5. Community marketing is a relatively novel marketing method. You can use WeChat, QQ, Weibo, Taobao, etc. for social marketing. Simple to community marketing is to carry out group marketing. It is important to maintain the activity of the group. You can make a group rules. You can engage in small activities, such as the distribution of coupons, full reduction activities, raffle activities, etc. For, of course, the limits of the group should not be too much, otherwise it will affect the participation and activity of group friends. There are also novel tools that appear in novel marketing methods, there are many community personnel, and management difficulties will increase. There are also many management tools now, such as Riddle Assistant, HML Assistant, 55 Tools, etc. Marketing activities.

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