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  1. 1. WeChat group name: WeChat group name is taken, the name should not be too long, otherwise it will not be displayed. When the group of friends screenshots, when sharing the circle of friends, her fans could not see the name of the group, which reduced the effect and depth of promotion.
    2. WeChat group announcement: WeChat group announcement is a very useful feature. You can change the announcement every week or every month, and when the WeChat group announced the update, everyone in the group will be seen in the group, and friends in the group can see it. For example, there are recent things in the group, what are the activities, and what notifications. As long as the announcement is changed, it will automatically@所有.
    3. WeChat group regulations: WeChat groups should set up group regulations. When friends enter the group, the group owner or administrator will be issued as soon as possible, so that friends can clarify the attention of this group, formulate the system, and let the community develop in an orderly manner.
    4. WeChat group managers' nickname: This function is often ignored by everyone, that is, in the community, you have to change your own group nickname. Because during the group chat, many of them will show the nicknames of group members; then, your group's nickname is equivalent to another marketing, and the advertisement is difficult to detect.

  2. 1. Positioning: Which WeChat users for WeChat
    If you are making cosmetics, then your user -oriented users should be women such as "white -collar workers, Baoma"; if you are doing corporate management training, then your user should It is "advanced white -collar workers"; if you are a college student supplies or English IELTS training, then your user should be a "college student" group.

    . Value output
    What value can you provide for your WeChat users? Can you teach you how to make makeup and how to live more distinctive characteristics, or are you good at corporate management, or can you conduct English training for college students?
    In short, you need to be able to output value, or use others/friends to output value, so that your users will be willing to come.

    . Trust endorsement
    Why should others join your WeChat group? In addition to you say that you can output value, you may also need to find a trust endorsement.
    The so -called trusted endorsement is the case that allows others to know that you are capable, you can indeed provide the value output you said.
    The method can be the achievements you have made before, or let the influential people in the industry recommend it for you.

    . Promotion
    Make the above, you can promote it.
    The promotion methods are: push each other; invite friends, and then let friends help invitations; start class; advertisement, etc.

  3. It is not easy to maintain and manage the WeChat group. From the group announcement of group regulations, send notifications in the group, to send group tasks and identify advertising and kicking people, it takes a lot of time and energy. Manual operation whip is too late. It is better to choose a community management tool for assistance. The short book notes I use are good. It has been used for a while.

  4. Management and operation WeChat group requires a lot of manpower not only to maintain the cleaning in the group, but also regularly send notifications in the group to modify the group announcement and other groups. Welcome to send a batch of groups to modify the group announcement regularly sending group tasks and advertising kicking people, which also have weather forecast Zhougong Dream Interpretation News Active group atmosphere.

  5. There are already questions like you, you can find it, I have answered, so as not to answer the content of the content too many times and the administrator will be closed in the small black house ~

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