5 thoughts on “Is the nearby car repair plant recruiting a senior apprentice?”

  1. Auto repair apprentices can generally take people with a master for a year or two, but it depends on the direction of learning. If the more the master/team leader develops, many times in addition to a certain knowledge foundation, you also need to have technical experience. Therefore, those 4S 4S The shop leader basically has four or five years of work experience.

    It different regions, there are some differences in the salary of auto repair, and the maintenance workers are also divided into grades, such as large and medium -sized workers and apprentices. Therefore After studying or training, the salary is around 2,000 yuan. For those who have three or five years of work experience, the monthly salary can also reach about five to seven dollars. For example, the salary of 4S shops is calculated according to working hours, and it is too much to work.

    Of course, if you feel that the auto repair technology is slow, you can start with the car beauty of the car. Generally, you can be familiar with the basic skills in three months. Essence

    The aspect of learning auto repair:

    1. Clear the nature of auto repair work, first accept the working environment of "dirty", "bitter", "tired", have The spirit of hard work.

    2. During the maintenance process, safety must be placed first. In the past, many auto repair apprentices did not pay attention to safety protection work, and often hurt themselves. There are many cases. There is still a problem with the vehicle that there is still a problem with negligence to the customer, bringing hidden dangers of driving safety.

    3. I ask my colleagues and masters to ask for advice. Often, when you do not understand the operation or failure judgment, you can learn from them with an open mind to improve your maintenance efficiency and learn a lot of rich experience.

    4, the theory and practice on the book are combined with the basic skills of the theory, and knowing the car structure and some training materials. Only the foundation will be better, and the road will go more smoothly.

    . Finally, the apprenticeship of the auto repair cannot be irritable. How long does it take to study depends on personal efforts? Stupid birds can fly first. door.

  2. It is not recommended to go to the auto repair shop to be an apprentice. It is recommended that you go to the car maintenance training school to study systematically and then work. Take less detours in this way and make progress fast!

  3. The nearby cars have recruited apprentices. Like the car city, the car cities in Ji'an County are recruiting a lot of apprentices.

  4. Is the nearby car repair plant recruiting a senior apprentice? Most of the large -scale auto repair factories are now apprentices.

  5. Now you want to learn auto repair or apprentice to find auto repair. You can pay attention to some recruitment of major websites 58 in the same city. This is more fit in reality.

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