5 thoughts on “What kind of species of a pure black blue -eyed cat is like?”

  1. There is no black cat to fix the eyes, but the eyes of Siamese cats and Himalayats are blue.
    The eyes of cats of different varieties are different. In fact, the color of cat eyes is not much. Generally, it is yellow, blue, amber, purple steel, green, and light brown. Differences of depth.
    The color of the cat's eyes is still one of the important basis for identifying purebred cats. Some purebred cat's eyes are a fixed color, such as purebred Siamese cats and Himalaya cats must be blue. If the appearance of the whole cat is the same as a purebred cat, the color of the eyes does not conform to the eyes of the purebred cat, it means that the cat has the blood of other species.
    The expansion information
    The cat's eyes are blue, green, yellow, brown and other colors, and these colors are transitional relationships. There is no clear division. These colors are mainly determined by the iris. The iris is the color part of the circle around the pupil. This part is mainly composed of sphincter. The amount of light controls the passage of light like the aperture of the camera. A fine seam.
    This's iris is divided into two layers. The outer layer is the substrate, and the cell arrangement is relatively loose. Below it is the tight epithelial tissue of the cells. Both layers contain cells that can produce pigments, but the number is different. The color of the iris is determined by these cells, and the number of different cells and activity determine the color of the cat iris.
    It without pigment cells, cat eyes look blue; the number of pigments is small, the cat's eyes are green; the number of pigment cells is large, and the cat's eye is yellow or brown.
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  2. Cats with black hair with blue eyes are rare. If anyone is fortunate to get one, that is, you can go to buy a lottery.
    The black cat recommends family cats. It is not to say that there are no varieties. First of all, the variety of cats are high, and cats are not formal cat houses are prone to genetic diseases. Moreover, most of the cats of regular cat houses are also sold after sterilization.
    , don't listen to some people say what Mumbai cats are said. There is no Mumbai in China, and Mumbai has no blue eyes

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