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  1. If you have a bad attitude, you don't have to be polite. A wave of complaints directly in the local Industry and Commerce Administration will have corresponding coordination and compensation, unless they don't want to continue to do it.

  2. My dog ​​died of heat stroke in a pet shop! The attitude of the pet shop is super bad. It is useless to play 110, but it is just coordinated. The attitude of the pet shop will only be worse. After the alarm, the 12315 Consumers Association will not be accepted, because it is also to coordinate, please directly call 12345 complaints!

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am a lawyer of Baidu platform, and I have received your question. At present, there are many orders, please wait, here will reply in the order of ordernGenerally speaking, you can directly complain to the manager of the pet shop to complain about their power or staff. This method is the most effective and most direct. In addition, if you want to complain about the service attitude of the entire store, this situation generally has no official complaint channels. If the pet store is suspected of infringing your rights and interests as consumers, you can call 12315 to make rights protection. If you are just a simple service attitude, it is recommended that you communicate directly with the owner of the shop ownern12315 is an economic violation of consumer claims, regulating consumer rights disputes, regulating and selling fakes and shoddy commodities in the 12315 hotline, regulating and investigating consumer rights disputes, investigating and punishing consumer rights disputes, investigating and dealing with consumer rights disputes, investigating and dealing with consumer rights and interests. Important work. When buyers and online merchants have consumer disputes, they can call the 12315 hotline or pass the 12315 Internet platform for rights protection.nFor your consumer disputes, you can generally call 12315 to complain to the Consumer Association to reflect your problems. Then or you can fill in a related information and submit some related evidence on the official website platform of 12315, and then tell you that you will accept the acceptance or not to the notice within three days.nThe complaint phone for deception is 12315. Other issues include hygiene, transportation, etc. can directly call the local mayor's hotline (government service hotline) 12345.nIf consumers and operators have controversial consumer rights and interests, they can solve the following channels: negotiate and settle with operators; request consumer associations to mediate; appeal to relevant administrative departments; The people's court filed a lawsuit.nAfter dialing the 12315 phone, if you need to complain or report, please answer the question according to the staff's prompts. Tell the facts, reasons and complaints in truthfully, and say your name, address, phone number or other contacts The name, address, and telephone number of the complaint. Consumer appeal cases are under the jurisdiction of the industrial and commercial administrative agency where the operator is located.nYou can refer to it, I hope my answer can help you. Thank you for your consultation and wish you a happy life!n6 morenBleak

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