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  1. Cats have the nature of hunting, so it is easy to catch the owner.
    The first is to prepare some toys for the cat, such as: cat grabbing board, cat grabbing columns, cat climbing racks, can be used to scratch and release emotions.

    It is to trim nails regularly, and cat's nails are very sharp. You need to prepare nail cutting, scoop knife, and hemostatic powder. When cutting the toenails, you can only cut the white part. If you accidentally cut it to the pink part, cause bleeding, you need to stop the hemostatic powder to stop the bleeding. In addition, after cutting the toenails, it is best to use the toenails for the cat, so that it will not accidentally grasp yourself and you.
    Finally, in the process of playing with cats, do not tease it with your own hand. Responsible for being easily caught. You can prepare some funny cat sticks to interact with it and avoid scratching you.

  2. The cat's claws are naturally sharp, and some cats in life just like to scratch people and catch people. Maybe it is just playing with you, not intentionally doing this, but if the owner accidentally caught by the cat, it will be easily injured, then it should be, it should How to deal with cats? How to correct this behavior.
    Research found that cats are a very self -esteem animal, and the way kitten protects itself is to scratch others, and then escape smoothly to let yourself escape the danger. In general, cats are a very docile and pleasant pet. As long as you do not make danger for it, let it be threatened, and the cat will not act offensive. Of course, cats may also arrest people for some reasons.
    The fastest and most direct way to let cats stop attacking and catching people is to reprimand and roar. The owner's reprimand can allow cats to stop immediately. As the owner of the owner, the owner has a obedient and awe. Therefore, when cats make mistakes, the owner's reprimand and warnings are also specially used. With a loud call, the kitten will stop the claw it extended.
    of course, if you want to correct the habit of cat grasping. This has to be trained from an early age. To develop a good habit of contacting human beings from an early age, and after the pet cat stops the action, parents are best for education and criticism. You can scold or make a sound of anger, and immediately pat on his head at the same time. Of course, it was lightly patting instead of maliciously hitting it. Since childhood training and guidance, cats can develop good character and make it more stable and kind without catching people casually.

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