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    This skin itching, hair removal, black hair, etc., are all manifestations of skin diseases. There are many skin diseases of cats, and the onset of the disease is different, but no matter which one is Skin disease is more troublesome to treat, and some fungal diseases can also be transmitted to the owner, which is very dangerous. So why do cats suffer from skin diseases? What should we treat cats with skin diseases?

    . What are the types of skin diseases common in cats?
    1. Bacterial skin disease: mainly bacterial infection, which is relatively easy to treat
    2. Fungus skin diseases: skin fungal infection; skin fungi survived in nature for a long time, strong resistance in nature, strong resistance to strong resistance, stronger resistance more resistance , Can survive in a dry environment for more than 1 year. There are also some fungi that have a personal coincidence for the soil, which can grow and reproduce in the soil and survive for a long time. A fungal skin disease is the most difficult to cure, and it is easily transmitted to humans.
    3. Exotic parasitic skin diseases: caused by flea, chigger mites, creep mites, ear mites, lice, sink, etc. It is difficult to treat.
    4. Metabolic skin diseases: hormone skin diseases, allergic skin diseases, which occurred less.
    5. Immune abnormal skin diseases: Skin diseases related to nutrition, lack of nutrition and easy to make cats lose hair.
    . The treatment method of cat skin disease
    Different types of skin diseases, different treatment methods. For skin diseases caused by bacteria, fungi or parasites Disinfection, collars, sun exposure, and so on; but for nutritional skin diseases, the treatment method is to strengthen nutrition, such as supplementing B vitamins.
    No matter what kind of skin disease, the symptoms are similar, and the cat's skin defense system is prone to mixed infection. The symptoms we can see may not be a symptom caused by skin diseases. At the same time, the infection is infected. 2 ~ 3 fungi is not impossible. Therefore, when a cat has a skin disease, we have to take the cat to a regular pet hospital for the first time to identify which skin disease is the cat's disease in order to quickly treat it.
    It wants to treat cat skin disease correctly, you should first distinguish whether the cat's skin disease is mite or fungal type. Therefore, parents need to take a cat to a regular pet hospital for testing. Treatment, right medicine. The general treatment method is to cut off the hair of the affected area first, and then inject it with external medication. Some should adhere to the periodic medicinal bath. If the situation is serious, the infusion is required to achieve the purpose of anti -inflammatory. At the same time, you can take keton tablets, ash oxytomycin tablets, etc. In addition, during the medication, it is best to supplement vitamins and feed more fat foods at the same time. Do not feed cat milk such as milk.

    . How to prevent cats' skin diseases

    1. Before the rainy season comes, take a bath for the cat and must blow dry.
    2. All cats live in the south of the south. There are fixed time every day to let them exercise the sun in the yard, and ultraviolet sterilization in the sun.
    3. The cat's nest and cat sand pot used for cats often have time to put in the sun.
    4. The rain is no sunlight for a long time. You can buy a climbing pet lamp with UV light and hang it in the cat room. Find the lamp that has not hurt the animal's eyes without harming the special treatment.
    5. Frequent nutrition creams to increase their vitamins and improve immunity.
    6. After the kitten was born with warm water, washed the mucus on the body. The hair dryer was blown into an eight -point drying and put it back to the female cat. This method can greatly reduce the probability of the kitten's milk moss.
    . Cat equipment should be disinfected regularly
    Cat nests, clothing and pots and pots should be cleaned frequently, and regularly disinfection can not only ensure cleaning and hygiene, but also prevent skin diseases. All the pads in the cat's nest should be replaced frequently. The cat's nest should be dried in the sun and use the ultraviolet rays in the sun to achieve the purpose of sterilization and disinfection to prevent the breeding of microorganisms and the breeding of in vitro parasites. Active disinfection drugs are selected for regular disinfection. Cat's skin is more sensitive and should not be used to use irritating disinfection drugs. It can be selected with 0.1%peroxylcetic acid spray disinfection cat nest and its surrounding environment and utensils. In addition, 0.1%new Jieer extinguishing liquid is soaked and washed and washed with 3%to 4%hot alkali water, and then washed with water. It can be removed around the cat's nest. Some stimulating and low toxic drugs can be removed, such as the cymbal to prevent the body's parasites. If the pot has odor, it can be eliminated with a deodorant.
    This skin diseases are not only related to the environment, but also have a lot to do with the cat's own resistance. When the cat's resistance is low, it is easy to suffer from skin diseases and difficult to cure. Cat's nutrition, add more vitamins and other trace elements to ensure the health of cats.

  2. Frequently common causes of cats' skin diseases are mainly caused by infection and allergies. Skin diseases caused by infection are divided into bacterial infections, fungal infections and flea, chigger mites, creep mites, ear mites, lice, tadpoles and other parasitic infections. Skin diseases caused by allergies are divided into food allergies, contact allergies, suction allergies Flea allergy.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer cats may be caused by infection, or it may be caused by contact with allergic items. It is not ruled out that it is caused by bacterial and fungal infections. If you often live in a dark and humid environment, you will be infected by mites and parasites. Skin disease causes the cat's persistent itching.nWhat do I need to buy if I need to buy fungal infection?nanswernnCan I apply iodine? The doctor said that the iodophor was applied for three days and was applying the medicinenAnswernIf there is no hydrogen peroxide, this is gentle and not exciting.n4 morenBleak

  4. It may be caused by infection, or it may be caused by allergies, nor is it caused by bacteria and fungi. When the parents of the establishment of the industry can use the shelling bath to take a bath, so that the cat can prevent the cat from getting the cat. Diseases with skin diseases.

  5. It may be an environmental problem, or it may be bacterial infection. My little 咚 has a fungal infection, and then I use it to hold Nippi Pippi spray. It's also soon, if you want to know more, you can Baidu

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