1 thought on “What should I do if there are fleas on the cat?”

  1. There are fleas on the cat. You can use the flea to take a bath for the cats. Secondly, cats often need to be cleaned and disinfected in places, sleep nests, toys, etc., and can usually wear flea rings and keep deworming regularly for cats, which can effectively reduce the chance of long flea.
    The solution of fleas on the cat
    When the cat is found to have fleas on the cat, the owner can use the special flea -destruction medicine soap to take a bath for the cat, which is enough to effectively kill those fleas and eggs. Secondly, there are medicine powder and drops of drugs that specialize in flea, which can directly use potions and medicinal powder.

    For the cushions, toys that cats sleep, and the place where indoor cats are often treat, the owner needs to make in -depth cleaning and disinfection, spray insect repellent or cleaning and exposure, and completely solve the fleas and fleas and fleas above it. Worm eggs.

    After clearing the fleas for the cat, the owner is best to wear a flea ring and try to stay away from the grass shrubs as much as possible to prevent parasites such as fleas and other parasites on the cat again. At the same time, the owner also needs to remove the cat regularly.

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