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  1. Looking for the full moon
    "Find Full Moon", also known as "Star River Manue", Japanese originally known as "Fullmoon を さが し て". From January 2002 to June 2004, a total of 30 episodes (other chapters) were issued, and 7 volumes were issued. The Chinese version of Hong Kong was published by Tianxia Publishing House and named "Star River Man Moon". The Chinese version of Taiwan was published by Ran Ran at the beginning, and named "Full Moon Beauty"; after graduation, it was published and published by cutting -edge, and renamed "Find the Moon".
    Chinese name: "Looking for the Moon"
    Foreign name: "Fullmoon を さが し て"
    Other translation names: "Star River Moon"
    Author: Village Village has vegetables
    produced Time: 2002
    Publishing House: Jiying News Agency
    Single -line volume: 30

    This introduction
    Essence There are 52 episodes of TV animation, premiered on the Tokyo TV series (TXN series) from April 6, 2002 to March 29, 2003. Hong Kong Asia TV premiered from February 21 to May 3, 2006, the animated Cantonese dubbing version, the character translation is roughly adopted by Taiwan. The work of the village's dishes "Looking for the Moon" (Old Translation: "Full Moon Beauty" comic version of "Full Moon Angel") Find the full moon
    The twelve -year -old girl Shenshan Fumu was taken care of by her grandmother after her parents died. Because I always remembered the heroic knowledge of studying in the United States, although the full moon had a long throat tumor, in order to achieve their agreement before breaking up, the full moon actively wanted to be a well -known singer, but was stopped by my grandmother. In order to participate in the singer competition, the full moon had to try his best to escape. At this time, two deaths of the mission "Onion Ramen" in order to make the fate of the full moon were not changed, but under the stubbornness of the full moon, she helped her into a sixteen -year -old girl. And get the opportunity to debut. Fullmoon's star journey was very smooth. Her previous attending doctor Ruo, Dr. Ruo, also accidentally became Fulu Meng's record producer. (If the prince was one of the members of the red orchestra), but if the appearance of the prince made one of the deaths of death recall the experience of suffering during his lifetime, which caused the soul to become the end of the soul. So the full moon decided to hand over his soul to the Topher, and he could reach a task to become a "complete" death god. However, Tuen people gradually became feelings for the full moon. Not only could she not bear to let her die, but she tried her to meet her with Ying Zhi. At this time, I found that Ying Zhi had been together with her adoptive parents in a car accident a few months later in the United States. Died, when the news was heard, the full moon almost collapsed. After the comfort of the Tuen people, the full moon finally realized that the reason for making yourself survive was not life, not death, nor Yingzhi, but singing! In this way, the full moon continued to take her only one year left for one year ... The story gradually entered the climax. Although the previous story was twisted, the shabby and movement of the latter story was not available in other cartoons! Many hidden pasts will also be spread out in the sun, how to look forward to it in the future! Many settings of "Find Full Moon" are deeply attracting girls who have deeply attracted elementary schools to middle school. The beautiful and gorgeous characters are treated, transformed, and colorful. They all affect every reader. The dream of the girl's heart is sweet, sour, pure, green, a dazzling identity, and the boy who is willing to guard himself forever, although there is still a hopes for the desperation ... The comics with vegetables give all the girls a dream box. No matter how difficult it is, as long as you have the courage to open, the colorful dream will fly.
    Princh Introduction
    The Shenshan Man Moon Shenyue Man Moon (Full Moon (こう やまみつき やまみつき)) (Dubbing Actor: Myco (Day); Lin Meixiu (Taiwan) Shenshan Man Moon
    ; Chen Qinyun (Hong Kong)) This work The protagonist, 11 years old at the beginning of the story. In order to achieve the agreement with his childhood plums and his own, the full moon did not undergo surgery that might damage the vocal cords even if he risked his life, and was determined to become a singer. Later, with the help of Dakito, the full moon could become 16 years old, and he became 11 years old with the stage name "Fullmoon" as a singer. Most people can't see the god of death, but the full moon can be seen. The full moon of the comic version can be seen because of the knowledge of heroes. The animated version is caused by the pain of the disease. First, I like Yingzhi. Later, Tuen people told Bai, only to discover that I really fell in love with Takuke. At the age of 12. Birthday, April 4, 1990 (see episode 49) constellation Aries Fullmoonfullmoon
    The healthy appearance at the age of 16, and became a popular singer because of hard work. The singing song is very beautiful, conveying my true mood, likes Yingzhi's mood, and later learned that the news of Yingzhi's death collapsed, but it revived and continued to sing. TAKUTO Jiliang Topo's Daktotica Topo
    Dakto (pronunciation in animation) Topo. Chira Port Translation: Tuck (ト ク ト ・ キ ラ) (Dubbing actor: Saito Kyo -yang (day); Qiu Tai (Taiwan); He Weicheng (Hong Kong) Death, can become a cute kitten doll, so that it can be ordinary to be ordinary People see and hear his words. Takuke sees the full moon and loves singing, and uses spells to turn her into 16 years old, and can participate in the selection meeting. At the selection meeting, Takuke was moved by the full moon singing. Later, he decided to help the full moon within one year. Realizing the dream of being a singer. Tuenseng gradually likes the full moon. When the full moon is mentioned in front of him, he is often unhappy. During his lifetime, he was the Jiliang Trust (きらたく と, or Jiliang Tuen), and the father of the full moon Kwai and the full moon's main doctor, Ruo Wangzi, formed a team called "Route: L" band. Takuke was the main singer. After the band disbanded, Tuoren turned to his personal singer. After the dying, the trustees became the god of death and lost their memory. Because he was not a mature death, if he resumed his memory of his life, he would become a ghost and like the full moon. Budoko Yiyi Yiyi Mika. Yiyi Hong Kong translated: Mika (pronounced in Japanese) (めろこ ・ ユ イ) (voice actor: Ben Zhi Huizi (day); Xie Qiaojuan (Taiwan); Deng Jieli (Hong Kong) ) Death, can become a cute little rabbit doll, likes Top people. The death of her and Tuoren's death is called "green ramen". Get her soul during the death period. Even so, the full moon still regards them as an important friend. The two deaths later did not hesitate to violate their original tasks to try to change the fate of the full moon. Xiaowei's death manual can automatically prompt who or things of things. It will change the death of the full moon. When the full moon goes out due to work, Xiaowei often becomes a full moon and stays at home to help the full moon's grandmother and maids. I used to like Quan, Hequan combined, and then slowly liked to like it. Tuen people. In the comics, Xiao Wei was a good friend of Mi Kuang Meng (きょうもえ きょうもえ きょうもえ きょうもえ きょうもえ きょうもえ きょうもえ きょうもえ きょうもえ きょうもえ きょうもえ きょうもえ きょうもえ きょうもえ きょうもえ きょうもえ きょうもえ
    Sakurai Ichi (さくら い え い ち)) (dubbing Actor: Kimura Liangping; Fu Shuang (Taiwan); Li Jiaxi (Hong Kong)) Full Moon and Yingzhi lived in the same orphanage before, and like each other. . When Ying Zhi went to the United States, the full moon lost contact with him. One of the goals of the full moon as a singer was to fulfill the agreement with Ying Zhi. In the animation, I came to the United States to find him after the full moon. In the memories, it is a gentle, kind, and understandable boy. In the comics, after the death, he has always been with the full moon. Actor: Xiaochuan Huihuang (Sundy); Fu Shuang (Taiwan); Chen Tingxuan (Hong Kong)) The main doctor of the full moon, the keyboard player of Route: L, and the full moon's father is close teammates (band). He is animation. He is animation. Zhong is fullmoon second Producer of a single record. Dazhong Zhengmei
    Da Zhongzhong (Dazhong True (おお し げまさみ)) (Dubbing Actor: Setail Tomomi (Son); Xie Qiaojuan (Taiwan); Jiang Liyi (Hong Kong)) Fullmoon's manager, who used to be It is a singer with a stage name "Flower Dishes", but it is not very successful. She is a fan of Route: L. She especially likes Ruo Prince. The animation translation is Dazhong Zhengmei. Give a lot of encouragement. spring. Translation of Rio Harbor: Clear Water. Rio (い ずみ リ) (dubbing actor: Odi Huimei (day); Fu Shuang (Taiwan); Chen Weiquan (Hong Kong)) Death, once. In the animation, he and another dead god Qiang Nathan ordered to investigate the trustee and Luluko Wakayuki
    Painted version of the painting version of him liked to eat almond tofu. Ruo Songyuan's translation of Ruo Song Dan is also translated as Ruotong Yuan (Ruosong わかまつまどか (わかまつまどか)) (dubbing actor: name (day); Xie Qiaojuan (Taiwan); Tan Shuying (Hong Kong)) Fullmoon's competitors in the entertainment industry raised A piglet is a pet. The animated version of the round hated FULLMOON at the beginning of the round and hit her with a strategy. When Yuan knew that Fullmoon intends to cover the "EternalSNow" as the second single, the first single of Route: L was the first to find the famous musician Gao Xu Guangping to make another version of the "EternalSNow" single, but he encountered frustration halfway. For a time, he planned to give up as a singer, rejuvenated after getting a 12 -year -old full moon encouragement, and then changed to Fullmoon. Later, the 12 -year -old full moon Ruowan
    and 16 -year -old Fullmoon became friends. Shenshan Wenyue (Shenshan Wenyue (こう やまふづき やまふづき)) (Dubbing Actor: Sugiyama Jiashouzi; Xie Qiaojuan (Taiwan); Jiang Liyi (Hong Kong)) The grandmother of the full moon was a good friend of Guluzi in the comics. I hate music because of the past. Mrs. Tanaka (Tanaka) ん) (Dubbing Actor: Red Turkey Real Bow; Lin Meixiu (Taiwan); Wu Xiaoyi (Hong Kong)) The servant of the Shenshan family likes to listen to music. Gu Yayue (Gu Yayue Yue (こが は づき づき)) (Dubbing Actor: Hiroshi Hiroshi) Full Moon's mother. The animated version of Ye Yue was weak and sick since she was a child. Wen Yue opposed her pregnancy. Ye Yue ran away from home and died after giving birth. Gu Yishui (あお あお あお) い)) (Dubbing Actor: Takahashi Guangshu) Father of Man Moon, Route: L Guitarist. The animated version of Kwai died at the age of one year. Gao Xuxi Guangping (Gao Xuguang Ping (たかすこうへ い)) (Dubbing Actor: Tsuchita Tsui; Li Jiaxi (Hong Kong)) famous music producer. He produced his first single record for Fullmoon, and Later, if Songyuan also asked him to cooperate. (Deceive only in the animation version) and Mimi Franklin (and Mimi フ ラ ン ク リ ン) (voice actor: Zeng Mamiko) Teacher in the orphanage in the orphanage, and later moved to the United States. Promise to help the full moon inquire about the whereabouts of Yingzhi. (Dead in the animation version only) Seven Sea (Qihai) (Dubbing Actor: Family staying in the United States) Fullmoon's little girl fans. (Joining only in the animation version) Johnsonn or translated Jonathan (シェ ジョナサ ジョナサ ン (シェ シェ シェ シェ シェ ダ ダ ダ ダ ダ ダ ダ)) In the animation, he and Koi Koi Koji to death to the world, investigating Daliko and Mikaziko whether there is any any of them and Mikazi. Use spells illegal to help mortals. His true identity in the comics is Xue Dan, the Minister of Death. Missita (ティ ス (ア) Death owner. (Debut in the comic version only)

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