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  1. I think yes, but don't sleep with the cat. I have two cats. The first cat is a purebred puppet. I like it very much. I live in my bedroom. I love clean, and my body is full of fragrance. The vaccine is complete, and the antibody detection has also reached the standard. Re -deworming internal and external internal and external deworming is completely fine. 10 cats 9 moss. The moss is very good. As long as the nutrition is supplemented in the later period, it is unlikely to recur. And the probability of people infected with cat moss is not high, which varies from person to person. Even infection, treatment is not difficult, just apply ointment. But if a cat is unwilling to sleep with you, don't force him. My cat took two months, and now I take the initiative to go to bed to sleep. Human temperature is very high, cats are thick and feared, and try not to sleep forced to sleep.

  2. 1. Generally, cats can sleep with people, but to ensure that cats are deworming on time. No infectious diseases. But if it is a parasite on a cat, it is generally not recommended to sleep with people because it will cause people to infection. In particular, some parasites that are common in humans and animals, such as Toxoplasma, pose a great threat to the health of pregnant women. Easy to cause abortion. So pregnant women generally do their own protection. rn2.最好别和猫睡,不卫生,你要坚持自己观点,叫只是开始,猫要训练,要7天的连续刺激,比心软,要让它自己叫累了,它会睡Well, it can work repeatedly. If you are too soft, the cat is super dependent on you, and it is difficult to discipline after it is old. A sensible cat will be like an adult child, and it will feel great.

  3. Cats sleep with the owner. Some people and animals pass on the danger of diseases, and although some diseases between humans will not be transmitted to each other, there are still many cats of infectious diseases and parasitic diseases that are common in cats.

    Whether it is a cat or a dog, it may have fungal infections on it. Holding small animals in his arms, for a long time, close contact, the body's immunity decreases, and under the influencing factors of the environment in various aspects, fungal infections may occur like cat ringworm. There are not so many people who may know cats to get sick. It is due to the swollen fever, rash and lymph nodes caused by a cat infection after being caught by a cat. Similarly, people may also transmit some diseases to cats, affecting cats' health.

    It, the owner is likely to accidentally squeeze to a cat that is also asleep. Although the cat's response is more sensitive, it is still easy to cause a tragedy of being crushed when sleeping. Essence

  4. People with asthma, certain allergies or respiratory diseases should not let cats go to your bed. Friends who raise cats know that when we are in close contact with cats, our clothes, bedding, sofas, etc. will stick to cat hair. Although we have special tools to remove these hairs, not only are the cleaning process troubles, but sometimes it cannot be cleaned up. These remaining cat hair is at home, and some cat friends with weak respiratory tract and allergies of nose and throat can easily cause asthma and long cough. 2. Cats or dogs with skin diseases are not suitable for sleeping on the owner's bed. Holding them in their arms for a long time, it is easy to be infected. For example, cats with cat moss will infect the bedding in daily running and exercise, thereby infection. The chance of being infected with cat moss is 40%. 3. If the owner must insist on sleeping with the cat, you must pay attention to sanitation. First of all, do the cat deworming and vaccine, and train the cat to excrete the problem at night. Before going to bed, you can comb your hair to relieve the hair loss problem. Pay attention when you sleep, don't press the cat.

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