1 thought on “The female cat has a kitten, and what problems need to pay attention to”

  1. Cat for postpartum precautions:
    . Postpartum nutrition problems
    The full price of feed nutritional components, and increase the breaking of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals in the diets, feed to fresh fish to fresh fish Soup, milk, goat milk, soy milk, or meat bone powder feed, and increase the feeding amount according to needs, and ensure that the feed should be fresh, high nutrition, easy to digest, and appropriately increase the number of feeding and clean drinks.
    . Environment and management problems
    Management provides a quiet, clean, dry, and suitable living environment. It is extremely important to recover the health of female cats and improve the disease. Clear the food, feces, and polluting pads in time, and keep the clean and hygiene of the surrounding environment in the sunny weather. While strengthening the management of breeding, pay attention to the occurrence of uterine diseases and mastitis. This is the two major major diseases of the postpartum. Once the disease occurs, you should go to a pet hospital for treatment immediately.

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