5 thoughts on “Some people like to put on clothes for blue cats. Do you do so well?”

  1. Some people like to put on clothes for blue cats, which is not the best choice.
    The social and economic development is getting faster and faster, and people's lives are constantly getting better. In order to improve their quality of life, many people also choose to raise a pet cat. For pet cats The environment of pet cat growth is also different. If you want to put on them in clothes, it will also have a certain impact on their normal actions. In the long run, it will affect the life of pets. I hope that everyone can learn to respect every life in life. Only in this way can our lives be better.
    1. What serious consequences will we wear for cats?
    Different varieties, cats with different personalities are different. Some cats have strong cold resistance and their hair is relatively dense. Therefore, these cats are not suitable for dressing. For cats with poor cold ability, we can prepare appropriate clothing for them. I dress up my cat according to our own habits, which may cause cats to bite, and cats have the habit of licking their bodies. Long -term licking can also cause cotton wool to enter the stomach to cause the digestive system.

    2, what are the things to pay attention to when breeding blue cats?
    For blue cats, we must ensure a balanced nutritional diet in life. If we want to keep the warm work of the blue cat, we don’t have to prepare clothes for him. We can choose to arrange their small boats. Soft, a comfortable sleep environment makes them feel the owner's attention to themselves.
    3, how should we take care of the blue cat when the weather is cold?
    For blue cats, there is no need to wear clothes every day like people. If the weather outside is really cold, you can also choose a small cloak to protect the health of the lazy cat. I hope everyone can be in life in life. Pay attention to every life, and treat pets like family members, so that our lives can make our lives better.

  2. Don't put on clothes for cats and clothes, you can really make the cat look more cute, but in fact, it is not necessary to wear clothes for cats. This method is completely wrong. Because the hair of the cat itself is very dense, it can have a good warmth effect. If you wear a piece of clothes on your body, the clothes will hold the cat's own hair. After a long time, it will cause some inflammation of the skin to the skin. Essence
    It, the shoveling officer should be more clear. The cat's own skin and hair have a certain temperature regulating effect. Although it will not be let the cats look like after putting on the cat, they will wear clothes for a long time, but wear clothes for a long time. It will cause cats to lose the function of this temperature adjustment, which causes that there is no way to adapt after not wearing clothes, and the decrease in resistance and decline in adaptability. This will make cats more likely to get sick.
    For cats, it is actually very disliked. It does not need to wear clothes like humans, so do not think about what cats need in human thinking when raising cats. Although it is really funny to put on clothes and take photos occasionally, it is undoubtedly harming cats to wear cats every day.
    Under what circumstances is the cat suitable for wearing clothes or hairless cats
    not all cats are not suitable for dressing, but also some special circumstances, such as hairless cats are born with no hair. Therefore, the ability to protect the cold is very poor, and in winter, you need to put on a layer of clothes for hairless cats, otherwise it is likely to catch a cold. In the case of shaving, it is necessary to wear a little clothes in winter to resist the cold.
    It -physically sick cats
    If the cat is sick or is naturally weak, then when the weather is relatively cold, the owner also needs to do a good job of the cat. In addition to the warmth and comfort of the nest In addition, it is best to put a jacket for the cat. Proper warmth also helps cats to restore resistance.
    In elder cats
    . The body is definitely not as older when the cat is relatively old, so the elderly cats at this time are also very afraid of cold. In order to prevent old cats from catching colds, when necessary, it is necessary You can also put on clothes appropriately.

  3. This is not good, because the blue cat's hair is particularly strong and the hair is very thin and soft. After putting on the blue cat, it has poor skin breathability, which will cause sweat difficulty and easily cause diseases.

  4. This is not good. Because the cat has a very dense fluff, she feels not cold, especially in summer, it feels very hot, and people cannot abuse cats in the name of love because of their preferences.

  5. not good. In fact, most cats don't like to be restrained. After putting on clothes, the cat's actions will be more or less affected, so the cat will make various uncomfortable actions, and even some cats will bite clothes. The pheasant on the cat's small tongue also swallow the cotton floc in the stomach, which causes the cat's digestive problem. The material of the clothes may also cause the cat's skin to have problems.

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