5 thoughts on “I was bitten by a cat, no bleeding tooth printing, my parents said it's okay”

  1. Is it your own cat or a wandering cat outside? If it is a cat that is raised at home, there is no bleeding, and the problem should not be big. Generally, cats have been vaccinated. Just pay attention not to touch the water after completely debridement. Don't be infected, disinfection every day. Avoid cold and spicy food. Don't exercise fiercely. And observe whether the cat has changed. If it is a stray cat outside. Regardless of bleeding. With a tooth mark, the skin and mucous membrane are damaged. Rabies virus may invade the human body. The vaccine must be vaccinated within 24 hours. Just in case.

  2. Normal home -raising pet cats should be vaccinated. Moreover, there are only tooth marks without bleeding. As long as you disinfect the place where you have a hydrogen peroxide, you can wipe the iodine. You do n’t need to go to the hospital to get the vaccine. I wish you happiness.

  3. Heeping and crying for parents until they went to a rabies vaccine, safety first. It's better to get a rabies vaccine, more assured.

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