4 thoughts on “How to disinfect the cat's cat plague at home”

  1. First of all, you need to destroy all the items used by the sick pet, and then buy a special disinfectant to spray and wipe and disinfect it. The room should be ventilated frequently, and the germs will miss 6 to 12 months in the environment. If you have the conditions, buy an ultraviolet light. When you are not in the room, you turn on and last for more than 2 hours.
    do not raise new pets within half a year to one year.

  2. How to disinfect the home after cat plague?

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  3. Hello, you can use disinfection liquid disinfection, but the disinfection liquid should choose high -efficiency anti -virus. Many of the common disinfection plants on the market are inefficient, medium -efficiency, and have no killing effect on cat plague virus. It is only conservative saying that the cats are raised after disinfection, because the survival rate of cat plague virus is also about half a year. Low -effect disinfectant used in time will be disinfected, and half a year will disappear naturally. Like the LW light and wind pets used by our hospital, it belongs to high -efficiency disinfection. It is completely disinfected for 7 consecutive days. The cat's toys and activities are fully disinfected. Especially the places where vomiting and excretion of cat plague must be disinfected. , The environment can adopt a atomizer disinfection method, add LW light and wind pet disinfection to the atomizer for atomizing disinfection.

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