An English hand -in newspaper with the theme of animals

I want to make an English -based English hand -copy report, who can help me find the relevant information I need, and help me find a suitable title
Please try to answer this question before February 21st.

3 thoughts on “An English hand -in newspaper with the theme of animals”

  1. Title: Animals Information: DOG, It is Our Good Also is Our Good Helps us to look after when we are .it cannt to pass. Very Ingenious Can SMELL MANY SCENTS.IT OFTEN Help the Policeman to Find the STEALING.DOG is very clear.

  2. With human beings on Earth since then, we continue to evolve at the same time has been hurt those lovely animals. They did not at fault, they are only in with the laws of nature live in peace. But since the existence of mankind , their homes become small. Some animals have even become extinct. In the of animal, the thylacine is the worst. Thylacine in a long time ago to live in the vast prairie, they have been very happy, carefree. Since the arrival of human beings have changed their lives. Due to the large number of human enclosure, livestock grass makes less and less change to many to move to other . This animals to eat the wolf bag, there is no food. They steal human animals. Farmers would hate the wolf from the bag, see a killing one, on this last one wild thylacine was also killed. When people should be aware of extinct thylacine, the of the park began last a thylacine, it thylacine only 48 days before the final days. And 48 days Later, The Forever Thylacine from the Earth, The forever!

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