4 thoughts on “Will pet cats eat hamsters?”

  1. Cats will eat hamsters, and they will play dead hamsters even if they do n’t eat it, so it ’s better not to raise hamsters.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I have seen your question ~ Now I am handing back to the content of the editor of you, but it takes a little time, please wait patiently for you, thank you ~ I wish you a good luck here.nWill hamsters eat hamsters?nAnswer Hello, yes. When hamsters often lack food, they fight, and the losers are regarded as food to the belly. When the hamsters struggle, the part of the loser will also become the food of the other side. There are also female hamsters during pregnancy. They will attack male hamsters, and male hamsters will become food for female hamsters. After the female hamsters have giving birth, if the owner touches the hamster, the female hamster will eat it if the baby smells wrong. Hope to help you ~nDo you think there are other things I need to help?nMore 2nBleak

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