1 thought on “What happens if the dog's blood condenses is too fast”

  1. It's not so good.
    The first explanation is that the blood changes from the flowing liquid to the jelly -like blood clot. Blood coagulation is often a self -protection mechanism when trauma bleeding or endometrial damage. The coagulation process includes at least three basic biochemical reactions:
    ① The formation of the original activation of the coagulantlase;
    ② the original activation of the coagulant enzyme transforms the original coagulation coagulation enzymes with active coagulation;
    ③ soluble fibrin was originally transformed into insoluble fibrin under the action of coordinase.
    simple terms, that is, its coagulation factor is higher than other dogs, and has strong self -healing ability. But if you are really worried, you can take a puppy to the pet hospital for blood project examination.

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