1 thought on “How do you call yourself in front of a dog?”

  1. We often hear the names of their own dogs describing their dogs with "good sons", "good daughter", "baby", and "obedient", which fully illustrates the owner's love for dogs. But in the eyes of the dog, the loving father and dad may be equivalent to a waiter or servant.

    The social habits of dogs are very close to the wolf, and there is a clear hierarchical system in the wolf group. The group has a high status and has excellent treatment, such as the right to eat priority, the control and management power of other members, and so on. Therefore, each wolf or every dog ​​is eager to get a higher level of position. The leaders of the wolf group are both fair and severe in the management methods of subordinates. They will give timely and sufficient punishment to their subordinates' tribute to provocative behavior to prove their management status. Therefore, in the group of modern dogs, the owner should become the role of dog leaders. For the management of dogs, it must be full of love and fairness and authority.

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