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  1. Xiaowandang Mountain

    Xiaowandang Mountain, located in the south of Longnan County, covers an area of ​​13.5 square kilometers, the main peak is 813 meters, and 99 peaks are standing. Two peaks stand side by side, like sisters who are dependent on each other, which is particularly beautiful. Between the peaks, the sheep intestine trails are turning around, a peak at the south, and an iron chain hanging. If the tourists pick up the climbing chain, they can go straight to the peak, the waist, the clouds and mist, the peaks are open, overlooking dozens of miles, the peak top and the back of the rear The peaks are connected, and there are dozens of acres of Fangyuan, which cover the lobby of the red eaves flying pavilion. The Scenic Area of ​​Xiaowuang Mountain has become a tourist hotspot in Gan, Guangdong, Xiang, Fujian and Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia and other places.

    Tickets: 28 yuan

    traffic: Xiaowu still traffic is very convenient, National Road 105 runs through the whole territory. 44 kilometers from Longnan County, Lianping County, Guangdong, and Heping County, 250 kilometers from Guangzhou, 300 kilometers in Shenzhen, and 180 kilometers in Ganzhou City.

    Tong Tianyan

    Tongtianyan is located in the northwestern suburbs of Ganzhou City, about 10 kilometers from the urban area. Here Danya is leisurely, mountains and rivers, and have four characteristics of "Danxia's unique landforms, deep grotto culture, many cultural relics and historic sites, and ecological scenery." Tongtianyan is composed of Mosha Rock Mountain. There are many natural caves in the mountains. One of the caves can be seen on the top of the cave. Tongtianyan is the treasure trove of ancient caves in southern my country. There are the largest stone statues in Jiangxi. There are 279 stone quilt and 359 stone carved statues. The stone carved statues are all Buddha gods, and most of them belong to the works of the Tang and Song dynasties. These statues are different, exquisite and handsome, and are the treasures of ancient stone carving art. Shixiu near the Tianyan of Tongtianyan, the spring water, the ancient wood towering, the warm and cold winter, the summer is a good place to visit and avoid the summer.

    Tickets: 60 yuan


    1. West Garden can take bus 109, or one -day tour buses in Ganzhou City, can reach the scenic area directly.

    2. From the railway station, Nangmen Square Xiyuan 18 bus directly to Tongtianyan Scenic Area.

    3. One -day tour bus in the urban area directly reached Tongtianyan Scenic Area.

    is located in the east of Ganzhou City, 65 kilometers from Ganzhou, 422 kilometers in Nanchang; Ruijin in the east, Anyuan in the south, west of Gan County, north, north Pixing State and Ningdu. The hills are low in mountainous areas. The east, south, and north are high, and the middle and west are low. The tribute water, Meijiang, and Lajiang River are criss -crossed in the territory. In the "Shanmingchuan Show, the earth is beautiful" in the capital county, there are many places of interest, and the tourist attractions are fascinating. There are now more than 10 "red", "green", and "ancient" characteristic tourist attractions, such as the Central Red Army Long March First Cross Monument Garden -Dongmen Ferry, Mao Zedong Old Residence Hewu, Jiangxi No. 1, Jiangnan Second Gaoshan Mountain Pacific field -Pingshan Ranch, Luotianyan cliff stone carvings, Pagoda Park, etc.

    The traffic

    The passenger car

    can reach Xiamen Special Economic Zone within 4 hours.
    Recommended by the attractions of Yudu

    The first crossing of the Long March of 10,000 miles

    The "Yudu Red Army Bridge", known as the "Long March First Cross", is Yudu County Heng The eighth bridge across the Duhe River, in 1934, the main force of the 86,000 Red Army crossed the river from 8 ferry on the Du River, set foot on the 25,000 miles of Changzheng Road that shocked the world. At that time, there was no bridge on the river. The people in the capital set up floating bridges, ferry boats, and sent the Red Army to a long journey. After the liberation, the people of Yu Du were self -reliant. Under the care of the party and the country, at the ferry of the Red Army crossed the river in the past, 7 large bridges, including Yuhe Bridge, Hanxin Bridge, Long March Bridge, and Sanmen Bridge, to make the cross -strait 87 87 The people of all Yudu ended the history of ferry.


    Pingshan, located in Jingshi Township, south of the county, about 60 kilometers from the county town, old name Longshan, 1312 meters above sea level, the highest peak in the county, around the foothills of the mountain, around the foothills For more than a hundred miles, all mountains and rocks are based on the typical karst landform structure.


    Dayu County is located at the southwestern end of Jiangxi Province, southwest of Ganzhou City, upstream of Zhangjiang, and northern foot of Lingling. It is connected to Nankang City in the northeast, Jiaoyong, Southeast, Xinfeng County, adjacent to Chongyi County in the northwest, south with Nanxiong City, Guangdong Province, and Renhua County, Guangdong Province in the west. Surrounded by mountains on three sides, the terrain is high in the west, mainly in the low mountain hills. The Dayu River is densely staggered, staggered, and the tributary of the Ganjiang River -Zhangshui as the main stream of the Zhangjiang River Basin. "Dajiang to the east of thousands of miles, Geng Lingnan came to the first state", this is the praise of the ancient mansion of the ancient house. Dayu County has the famous Yamana Scenic Area. The scenery is beautiful and unique. There are more than 20 waterfalls, towering peaks and mountains, and a long history, creating a lot of tourist destinations in Dacheng. It is a good place for tourism.

    The recommendation of Dayu County attractions

    Jiayou Temple
    n Jiayou Temple Tower is located next to the Nan'an Duck Factory of Dongshiling Mountain in the county seat. It belongs to the original name of the original Jiayou Temple. It is the oldest ancient tower in the county. It has a history of more than 2000 years. It is a national key cultural relics protection unit. According to expert research, this tower has the Tang Dynasty style and is an immature Song Tower. Although it has been repaired for thousands of years, it still stands majestic.

    Yamama Scenic Area

    The national forest park and provincial scenic spot. Located 10 kilometers east of Dayu County, National Highway 323 passed through the foot of Yamama Mountain, and it can reach the hinterland of Yamama through the scenic highway. It is a comprehensive scenic spot built by natural landscapes such as mountains, forests, spring, lakes, waterfalls, caves and temples. It is named because of the "Ya" because of the highest peak. Yashan has a long history. In ancient times, he was famous for Buddhist activities and tourist destinations.

    The virgin forest of Sanjiangkou

    The virgin forest of Sanjiangkou is located in the south of the south of Hongshui Village, 23 kilometers northwest of the county, 400-900 meters above sea level. It belongs to the provincial forest park. On both sides of the Sanjiangkou River, about five kilometers long, with a total area of ​​12 million square meters. Entering the Sanjiangkou forest area, the ancient wood is towering, the shade is thick, the peaks and mountains along the way are stacked, the gullies are vertical and horizontal, and there are many waterfalls. The natural landscape is gorgeous. There are both beautiful white maggots on the mountain, as well as precious 獐 and deer. How big is the valley, like cattle and pork forms, and there are all kinds of attitude. The climate throughout the year is cool and pleasant, with an average temperature of 15.6 ° C, which is a natural resort of summer heat.


    Xinfeng, the meaning of "human beings and things", the first year of Tang Yongchun (682 AD), settled in the upper reaches of the Ganjiang River, and the tributary of the tribute to the Taojiang River Midstream. The terrain is inclined from south to north, and the Dalingling and Jiulian Mountains of the Nanling Mountains are stretched from the southwest of the county, surrounded by mountains, and the central terrain is low. It is adjacent to Anyuan County in the east, Longnan County, Dingnan County, Quannan County in the south, Nanxiong City, Guangdong in the west, Dayu County in the north, Nanyang City and Gan County in the north. Xinfeng is "the hometown of Chinese navel oranges", "hometown of Chinese straw mushrooms", and "national ecological environment demonstration county". The county seat is known as "small Nanjing", which is "Jiangxi Province Health County" and "Civilized County, Jiangxi Province". The county passs the Hakka dialect.

    This Scenic Spots Recommended

    The Dasheng Temple Tower

    The Dasheng Temple Tower was built in the Chiwu year of the Three Kingdoms (AD 238). 66.45 meters high, a total of eighteen floors. In the early days of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Culture and Education was about to be listed as a provincial -level protected cultural relic. In 1957, the Jiangxi Provincial People's Council was announced as the first batch of cultural relics protection units. Heritage map: Dasheng Temple Tower, night view of the Dasheng Temple, Xinfeng Dasheng Temple Tower. The scenic area is in the county seat and asked locals to know how to go.

    I Jiangyuan

    In the "Belly History of the Pearl River Water Conservancy" records: "Pearl River tributary Beijiangyuan is out of Jiangxi Xinfeng Oils Mountain Daming, flowing through Nanxiong City, Guangdong Province and Shixing The county, to Shaoguan with Wushui, flowing into the Qujiang, Qingyuan and other places in the south, flowing into the Pearl River Delta. " The Damaokeng Scenic Area is located in the east of the main peak of Yushan. In recent years, many experts, students and tourists such as Guangzhou, Foshan, Qingyuan, Zhaoqing, Shaoguan, etc. went to the source of Beijiang to explore, inspect, and travel.

  2. 1. Tongtianyan
    2, Ganzhou Bao Hulu Farm
    3, Ancient Floating Bridge
    4, Eight Mirror
    5, Yu Gusai
    6, Ganzhou Ancient City Wall
    7, Hakka culture city

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Ganzhou Day Tour Must go to the scenic spot: Yashan Scenic Area, Ancient City Wall, Eight Terms, Ancient Poist Bridge, Ruijin Scenic Area, the Central Revolutionary Base History Museum, Pingshan, Hanxianyan, Tongtianzhai, Hakka Cultural City, Yangling State Forest Park, etc.nYashan Scenic Area is named after the "Ya" shape of the highest peak, and the quality of air, water, and soil environment has reached national first -level standards. Sewishi Chenglin, Yunhai Wonderland, Bamboo Green Tea, and Waterfall Birds in the territory are picturesque. Yashan has a long history and profound humanities. Since ancient times, it has been the best and blessed land of Buddhism.nQuestion Shangbao TerracenAnswer Pingshan Pingshan Ranch is located in Jingshi Township, southern Jiangxi Province in Jingshi Township, Du County. It has the reputation of the first grassland of the southern country. When Pingshan, you must follow the soft meadow under the new energy windmill. The beauty of dusk has always been a favorite time for couples, because the light is the softer in the evening, and the picture that is outlined in the sunset is also very moving, so for lovers to meet a beautiful sunset scenery, It's very rotten.nShangbao terraces are rated as "the largest Hakka terraced field" by the Shanghai Grand Geniis. It is one of the three major terraces of the domestic terraces in China. It is 50 kilometers from Chongyi County and 127 kilometers from Ganzhou City. There are hundreds of acres, and there are sporadic villages.nAsk the terrace how to gonAnswer Geographical location: Shangbao Township, Chongyi County, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province Open time: 08: 00-18: 00 famous attractions in the whole year: Shangbao terraced fieldn5 morenBleak

  4. Can I bring the lighter to the train? Bian Xiao tells you that you can bring the train on the train, but you can bring up to two lighters, no more than two, but you do not allow them to use them on the train. You cannot bring the following items to take the train:
    1. Flammable, explosive, spontaneous combustion, explosion and toxic and other dangerous goods.
    2. State restricted goods for transportation.
    3. Items that hinder public health. 4. Animals and items that damage or pollute vehicles.
    5. Except for guide dogs, we cannot bring poultry and pets.
    6. The lighter can only carry two related items. According to the "Announcement on the Prohibition and Restrictions on Railway Station", the following items can be limited to carried:
    nail polish, elimination agent, hair dye does not exceed 20 ml, no more than 120 ml of cold and hot essence, motor, glue, pesticides , Air Fresh Prefecture and other self -spray pressure vessels. ; Safety match 2 small box; two ordinary lighters.

  5. The attractions of Ganzhou (including the counties and cities under its jurisdiction) are mainly:

    (1) National AAAA -level tourist area: Ganzhou Tongtianyan Scenic Area, Ganzhou Bao Hulu Farm, Yangling National Forest Park, Xingguo Three -head Feng Shui Cultural Scenic Area

    (2) National Key Cultural Relics Protection Unit: Ruijin Revolutionary Site, Ningdu Uprising Headquarters, Tongtian Rock Grottoes, Ganzhou Ancient City Wall, Kansai New Wide, Yanyi Wai, Dabao, Dabao Guangta, Ganzhou stupa, Meiguan and ancient post roads, the old site of the Xingguo Revolution, the old site of the Central Red Army Long March (Yudu County)

    (3) National Forest Park: Jiulian Mountain National Forest Park, Three Hundred Mountain National Forest Park, Cuiwei Peak National Forest Park, Fengshan National Forest Park, Meiguan National Forest Park, Yangling National Forest Park, Wuxi Peak National Forest Park, Sal Water Lake National Forest Park
    (4) Country Level Nature Reserve: Jiulian Mountain National Nature Reserve
    (5) National Scenic Spot: Three Hundred Mountain Scenic Area
    (6) Provincial Nature Reserve: Chongyi Yangling, Chongyi Qiyun Mountain, Shicheng Ganjiangyuan, Dongjiang source -Xunwuyu Bao Bowoshan, Shangsan Five Finger Peak

    ) Provincial Scenic Spot: Ganzhou Tongtianyan, Longnan Xiaowangshan, Ruijin Luohan Rock , Dayu Meiguan Ancient Post Road, Shangzhong Water Lake, Chongyi Nie Dukun Cave, Huichang Hanxianyan, Ningdu Cuiwei Peak, Shangsan Five Finger Peak

    ) Provincial cultural relics protection units: Mao Zedong Xunwu Survey Memorial Hall, Xinfeng Dasheng Temple Tower, Zhang Gong District Ciyun Tower, Longnan Yuxianyan, Yuhong Tower in Zhanggong District, Qili Town Kiln Site, Ganzhou Literature Temple, Ganxian Dabaoguang Tower, Yu Du Luotian Rock cliff stone carvings, Yudu Shuitou Buqifang, the former site of the Gannan Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, the former site of the Soviet Government of Jiangnan Province, the former site of the land revolutionary cadre training class, Zhuohua Tower of Xingguo, the amount of "Jiangnan Jiangnan" The old site of the Central Arsenal, the former site of the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee, the old museum surveyed by Nagang Township, the ancient kiln site of Yamachi, the Ningdu Shuikou Tower, the cadre of the Xingguo Soviet District, the former site of the Central Bureau of the Communist Party of China The conference "Old site, Ningdu Cuiwei Peak Cliff Stone Carvings, the former site of the first working, peasants and soldiers of Jiangxi Province, the old site of the Red Fourth Army Bali Di Di, the former site of the Jiangxi Provincial Military Region (including the Red Army Review Station) The former site of the Central Revolutionary Military Commission, the cliff stone carvings of the Shangshi Gate, the Chongyi Ping Tea Monument
    (9) Other attractions: Yu Gutai, Mudan Pavilion, Harmony Tower.

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