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  1. Personal dogs include Chinese pastoral dogs, golden retriever, Labrador, and VIPs. The most human dogs are Chinese rural dogs.
    Therennia dogs are often smarter, more loyal, and very human because of genetic hybridization advantages. They can distinguish the goodwill and maliciousness of others. Even if some dogs who have been hurt or very cautious dogs will slowly put down the alert under the unremitting goodwill movement and get close to humans.
    The Chinese pastoral dog, traditionally called "earth dog", some places in the north are also called "firewood dogs", which belongs to a kind of mammals in the family of meat, dogs, and dogs. ~ 55 cm, weighing about 10 ~ 30 kg.
    is a native dog breed that needs to be saved. In the past, it was widely existed in rural China and Southeast Asia. Nowadays, urbanization is also widely regarded as pet dogs.
    Extension information:
    1. Living habits
    The personality is docile, not easy to actively attack humans, can live in groups, regional, easy to raise, loyalty, and not easy to develop skin diseases. It is widely used in rural home care homes and early hunting.
    2. The habit of feeding
    This dogs are carnivorous animals, so when feeding, you need to prepare more animal protein, carnivores, and vegetarian ingredients to ensure the normal development and health of the dog Essence
    sometimes eat grass, but eat very little, and occasionally spit it out. Dogs are not hungry, but to clear the stomach, mainly because the dog's gastrointestinal structure is unique.
    The dog's stomach is very large, accounting for about 2/3 of the abdominal cavity, but the intestines are short, accounting for about 1/3 of the abdominal cavity, so the dog basically uses the stomach to digest food and absorb nutrients. Food is not easy to digest things like leaves and grass.
    Although the dog is a carnivore, the dog can rely on foods such as vegetables and grains when survival.
    This dogs also have the habit of eating dung like other dogs, that is, the habits of human and their own feces. Studies have shown that the habit of getting along with human beings in the process of domestication in tens of thousands of years is a habit of getting along with humans. This is one of the important sources of food in the early period of human society's food deficiency.
    The view also believes that this is a pathogenic manifestation of dogs in insufficient food, lack of some trace elements or parasitic diseases. This behavior can also be reduced when adding trace elements.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Chinese Rural Dog

  2. Personal dogs include:
    1, Xieti Shepherd: Sympathetic, strong adaptability, and friendly. In the minds of some breeders, it is the best medium -sized pet dog. Sepati is loyal and enthusiastic about the owner, and it is very easy to train. This is because they are quite emotional and are happy to be with the owner.
    2, Labrado recovery dog: Labrador hound, also known as the recovery dog ​​alias Lala, medium and large dogs, naturally gentle, lively, no aggressive and intelligent, suitable for being selected as guidance guidance Dogs of blind dogs and partner dogs.
    3, Butterfly Dog: The most special thing about butterfly dogs is his pair of great big ears, and the petite and exquisite figure, so he has been loved by many beautiful ladies. His personality is lively, bold and flexible, and easy to get close. He is enthusiastic and docile to the owner, but it is very exclusive and jealous of the third party.
    4, Rotovir Fedeing Dog: The Rowalner Dog is an ancient breed. The dog has a strong body, a rapid movement, and a powerful momentum. It is one of the most courageous and powerful dog species in the world.
    5. Australian cow dogs: Australian herd cattle has the nature of loyalty and guarding, so he will claim to protect herdsmen, livestock and his property. More special.

  3. The most humane dogs are German Shepherd, Doberman, Akita Dog, Butterfly Dog, Chinese Rural Dog.
    1, German Shepherd,
    The ability of German Shepherd, so there are many German herds in military dogs and police dogs, and you know how good this dog is. Especially during the two world wars, German Mu had very outstanding places, so then people liked to cultivate German -Mu into a working dog with various abilities.
    2, Doberman,
    Muoberman may not be raised in China, but abroad, it is also a very popular dog species. Although smart and loyal is the advantage of Doberman, strong alertness is its biggest advantage.
    , and the alert Doberman will not be as timid as cats, but will also face the danger after notice the danger, and there is no plan to retract at all. The Doberman is also easy to be trained. After all, its IQ is not bad. After the main tune, it will naturally learn and always remember.
    3, Akita dogs,
    Akita dogs called "Japanese dogs" are actually very popular in the world. Don't look at it. It will come forward and become very fierce, just to protect the owner.
    4, butterfly dog,
    Butterfly dogs are actually dogs with good aspects. It is very smart, lively but not lost, and the obedience is very strong. Not too complicated instructions.
    The butterfly dog ​​is also very elegant, which is already very good for a family dog. However, we prefer the advantages of butterfly dogs that do not like noise. This also avoids unnecessary troubles such as neighborhood disputes and demolition.
    5, Chinese pastoral dog,
    The advantages of Chinese pastoral dogs are really many, but why does it still become a popular dog? It is all because of some of its advantages that have become shortcomings. For example, the rural dog is too loyal to bite people.
    The face value of the Chinese pastoral dog is not bad. The reason why it is not loved is because it has been on our land for too long. Everyone wants to raise a different dog.

  4. The most humane dogs: German Mu, Golden Retriever, Labrador, Bian Mu, Teddy
    1, De Mu
    How do you think a dog is human or unprepared? In fact, it is very simple. You just need to look at the degree of obedience to you. If you say anything, it will listen, it means that it is a more humane dog.
    To Mu is a particularly human dog. If the owner says, German Mu can understand and do it according to it. It is precisely because of the humanity that it is so human that it will be seen by the troops and let it be a military dog ​​or a police dog.

    Themu is also a special place, that is, it dares to die for the host. There is such an example on the battlefield. De Mu blocks the deadly bullet for the owner. The soldiers around seeing Germany made such things, and they all shed tears and were so humane.

    2, golden retriever
    This male golden retriever is a very good, very human -natured dog. Many people may not know where it is human. It doesn't matter. I can understand for everyone, and everyone can understand.
    everyone will be sad when they are sad. They are sad and sad in front of their parents and friends. They will comfort themselves, but when they are sad and sad, who will comfort themselves, golden retriever will understand the owner. The emotion, it even walks to the master to comfort the owner.

    3, Labrado
    Lala is also a particularly human dog. Although it will only be raised as pet dogs in China, it is abroad, it is all abroad It is raised as a guide dog.
    A good cheerle is definitely a particularly human -like dog, because if it is not human, there is no way to bring the owner to the place where he wants to reach. To what extent can Lara's humanity be human? It can make itself the third eye of the master!
    4, Bian Mu
    is actually a particularly human dog. Do you know, some border herds even glance at the owner's eyes, and you can know what the owner wants to let it do. Then it will do it, and it is very good! From this point of view, Bian Mu is even more humane than golden retriever and lala.
    5, Teddy
    This kind of dog is also a dog with a particularly high IQ. It is also particularly human. The owner actively made this action when he wanted to see. Of course, some Teddy needs the owner to do a gesture to move.

  5. I think golden retrievers or German shepherds are more suitable, and golden retriever itself is very docile, and IQ is also very high. It is also the main dog species of foreign guide dogs. Besides German Shepherd. German Mu's IQ is quite high in the dog family, and the blood is particularly pure. It is also the main dog breed of police dogs. This dog is easy to tune and it is better to put on theft at home. If you are a lady, I advise you to choose Golden Retriever, if you are a man, the German shepherd is more suitable for you. I don't recommend you to buy small dogs. Because the IQ of a small dog must not be compared with large dogs, far away. At present, the price of golden retriever is not expensive. If the price of dogs in your area is cheap, it is hundreds of dollars. If there are places such as Shenzhen, the price will be much higher. So I estimate that the price of golden retriever is now between 500-2000. The German Shepherd is definitely not available to buy it, but if you spend 5,000 yuan to buy it, you can definitely buy a very good one. Choose to buy between 2000-5000.

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