1 thought on “How to allocate dogs for canned food? Do you have to feed the cans in three meals?”

  1. How to allocate dog canned food depends on how the owner wants to feed. If the owner's economic conditions are allowed, you can feed the cans in three meals. You can feed it as a dog's staple food, or you can mix some canned dogs when you feed the dog food for three meals. Essence It is good for dogs to eat some cans for dogs.

    1: You can open the appetite of the dog
    This owner usually only gives the dog a single dog food. Long -term feeding will cause dogs to eat greasy dog ​​food and appear to eat dog food. , Don’t eat the problem, and it is not the same for dogs to eat cans. Many cans taste much more delicious than dog food. It is more attractive for dogs. The can can open the dog's appetite.

    2: You can supplement nutrition appropriately
    This in some dog foods do not have any nutrition. The nutrition in good cans is richer than some dog food. Seeing meat, fish soup, vegetables, etc., can not only open the dog's appetite, good cans can also add nutrition to the dog appropriately, so the owner can usually eat some canned dogs for dogs. It can be used as a supplementary food, and it is also possible to feed it as a staple food.

    3: It is convenient for dogs to consume and digest
    For dogs with no complete teeth, or dogs with older teeth, the owner feeds the dog some dogs for dogs The cans are convenient for dogs to eat and digest, because the texture of canned dogs is relatively soft, not as hard and dry as dog food. It is not convenient to chew and digest.

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