6 thoughts on “What kind of dogs should be raised for the first time to raise and be pets?”

  1. It is recommended that the host raising an adult poodle bar
    took it home to remember to go to the toilet for the first time to feed

    and relatively small, eat less, do not lose hair, no body odor
    our family's monthly beauty money is only 150
    It recommended the landlord to take a bath and wash the dogs for the dog
    It bitch is the best, the male dog takes it out to see the dog and I'm afraid the dog can’t hold it

  2. The golden retriever is relatively large, and it requires a large event venue to lose more than Teddy. But golden retriever is generally obedient and obedient, good training, no need to take care of beauty.
    If you are interested in dogs, you can go to the pet section of E pet mall. You can see that many dogs
    mao advantage is that the body is better than Alaska and Husky. Class, and more affordable, treat animals and humans, and are smarter than those two sled dogs. The disadvantage is that the hair is long and easy to drop hair.

  3. Forehead. Essence This is really difficult. Dogs need to take care of it ~ If you walk like this for a few days, if you have trained it in the early stage, you will do it, otherwise you will not know what it will happen if you come back for a long time. If there is a yard in the bungalow It is recommended to raise it. Essence Essence Golden Mao, Alaska, Satsuma, such pure pet dogs can not be seen, but if there is a yard, it can be blessed, but the dogs are too guilty. Let's, if conditions permit, the bull head stalk is the best.

  4. You are not suitable for raising dogs, or do n’t raise it anymore. The suggestions that you really give you are responsible for him. Your time is not fixed. The dogs will suffer. Destruction for you, let's give up,

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