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    In encounter -small pet dogs

    This situation is best to cope. Usually small pet dogs have no attack type, as long as it does not take the initiative to attack you from far away from far away, it is a little far away from you. That's it (if you have the active attack, you can reprimand or kick it with your feet).

    In encounter -large and medium -sized dogs in charge

    This situation is not worried about large and medium -sized dogs. The owner of the rope is reprimanded, and it is generally not dare to let it go, and it is best to stay away (if you encounter a chain or a rope, you can quickly turn around and go to the fork.

    In encounter -no one -seeking medium dog

    It encounters a lot of this situation. You coaxed a few times and showed anger. At this time, don't face it, turn around and go back (back or sideways, if it comes up to attack you, you counterattack with sticks, stones, fists, or feet. At the same time, calling for other people's rescue loudly), generally not the aggressive dogs will not catch up when you see you away.

    In meet -unattended large dogs

    1. If you encounter far away (above 20 meters), you should turn around when you see the shadow, Or want to escape the route (the method is the same as when encountering medium dogs), it is the best way to walk to a safe zone.

    2. If you are close to it (a little troublesome), it is best to have sticks and stones around you to protect yourself. Shouting for life at the same time (don't move slowly to leave its territory), if it comes up to attack you, you can only counterattack (if it comes up to attack you, you can counterattack with sticks, stones, fists, or dogs with dog eyes or throat) Essence

    3, another method is to run to some people's shops or homes. If it is a wild, you can climb trees and climb the wall.

    The best way to see —— ——

    This method is that people can generally see about 100 objects. Walk or run (before the dog's attention), try to quickly think about the safe retreat route or enter a safe place (high or residential houses, etc.) when you run.

    The best way to avoid

    1, large and medium -sized dogs are often out of place: small, medium and small towns and villages Complex dwellings (rarely encounter large and medium -sized dogs in the road), mountains on the wild, and parks on the mountains (some uncivilized people often walk dogs in such places and even have released wild dogs).

    2, briefly speaking 4 points: go to the road, there are few places where people do n’t go, remote places do n’t go, and there are many people in the mountains.

  2. You have a phobia for dogs. The most thorough treatment method is the "reverse treatment" method. It deliberately exposes more things you say about fear. Friendly relationship, if you are not afraid of the dog, you succeed. Over the same method with the Chinese dogs; then with the big dog (choose some who do not bite). You will love dogs. When you were with the dog for the first time, you just started to be scared, and shouted loudly, "It's a fucking, it's out of the way, you can't die!" He shouted that you are not afraid, just play with the puppies. Don't bring ordinary friends in, otherwise you will rely on him to hide behind him, unless you are a psychotherapist.

  3. In fact, dogs are not terrible. If you see the dog in the future, you pretend to be very natural. It does not show you that you are scared and ignore him. It feels boring and it will go away. You do not threaten him, you won't bite people. The most important thing is to overcome your psychology. Hope

  4. The best way is to attack poison with poison.
    The dogs are human, and the dogs are human and have the essence of kindness.
    As long as you love him, he will be loyal to you.
    In one day you fall in love with him, your fear will be completely cleared.

  5. Don't be afraid that it feels that it feels strong. The more you care about it, the more hostile it is to you
    It, you just have nothing to walk in front of you. n, but if it still insists on your one -on -one one -to -one single, the dog's nose is the weakness of all dogs
    aiming at the nose with a punch

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