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  1. 1. People's Park:
    Princh Park, also known as Bailong Park, is named after the park with about 70,000 square meters of Bailong Lake. According to Song Shi's "Ji Di Ji Sheng", General Di Qing of the Song Dynasty had led the army to station here. One day, he saw a group of Aries beside the lake, like a white dragon swimming, so he called the lake Bai Long Lake.
    The white dragon park is close to the city center, and it can be reached for about 10 minutes from Chaoyang Plaza. The main body of the park, Wangxianpo, has a level 141 and 10 meters wide. Wangxianpo is the highest point of Nanning, ascended to the turret, and Nanning's scenery is full. The southern foot of Wangxianpo is Bai Long Lake.
    This in the center of Bailong Park also has the largest, largest, largest, and more comprehensive shade botanical garden in the region. It is a subtropical ornamental botanical garden that integrates scientific, knowledgeable, artistic, and interesting.
    Tickets: 5 yuan

    2. Medical Botanical Garden:
    is called the largest medical botanical garden in Asia, which contains a lot of precious grass and trees, which makes you amazing!
    Tickets: 10 yuan

    3 Qingxiu Mountain:
    Xiu Mountain is on the banks of the Minjiang River about five kilometers southeast in Nanning City. There is a beautiful green mountain. A high pagoda, which is known as the "giant lung of Nanning" -the Qingxiu Mountain Scenic Area.
    The air is fresh, the most suitable.
    Qingxiu Mountain is a key development area developed in Nanning. In addition to protecting and repairing the original monuments such as Dong Quan, picking Qingyan cliff carving, stone incense stoves, etc., many new attractions have been built. For example, the Thai garden is a garden tourist attraction built in the cultural exchange project of Nanning and Thailand's Confucian City Government. It is designed by Thai architects. The garden is completely Thailand. Tourists can experience exotic style. The new gate of Qingxiu Mountain is extraordinary and unique in style, adding a lot of bright colors to the scenic area. Qingxiu Mountain is greeted by visitors in the eight parties with a variety of appearances.
    The frequently air ropeway, let you watch Qingxiu Mountain in the ropeway .....
    Tickets: 15 yuan

    4. Liangqing Jianglin Park:
    There is a Buddhist bodhisattva there, and those who believe in Buddhism often worship.
    strong recommendation: There are also "running karts" that are more addicted. The speed of speed will make you vivid! Intersection

    5. Qixing Road Night Market
    Qixing Road Night Market has a century -old history. Snacks are all (see below)

    White chopped chicken
    The favorite festive food and banquet dishes of the people of all ethnic groups in Guangxi. Also known as white cut chicken.将阉鸡或未下过蛋的雌鸡(俗称项鸡)杀好,掏出内脏,腹腔内抹盐,放一团姜(以沙姜为好),放入白水中煮到九成熟(骨Slightly blood) pick up, cut into pieces, dipped in ginger, garlic, green onion, coriander, soy sauce, salt, sesame oil, etc. Fresh and tender.

    Thenan meat dumplings
    The traditional food of Nanning people. In addition to large glutinous rice, pork, and shrimp, shiitake mushrooms, magnolia films, etc.

    Thenan powder dumplings
    It is a kind of snack with glutinous rice flour steamed skin, wrapped in meat stuffing, dipped in sauce, vinegar and other seasonings. Essence In addition to the broken pork, there are horseshoe or cold potato, lotus root, etc., which are unique.

    old friend noodles in Nanning
    The traditional flavor snacks in Nanning. When cooking noodles, first cook with garlic, tempeh, hot pepper, sour bamboo shoots, beef, wait for the pot, and then add vinegar, bone soup and noodles. After cooking, the hot and sour aroma of smell, the soup is strong when eating, seductive appetite, and has the effect of deoving wind and cold.

    Noning yellow peel sauce
    is a kind of jam made of yellow -skinned fruit and moderate sweet and sour. It is a traditional product unique to Nanning. It can be used for fish meat, bread, mixing rice noodles, and porridge. It tastes sweet, and can stimulate appetite
    . The dried powder of the "Huangdu Food House" opposite the pharmacy of the pharmacy is very delicious.
    In Jiefang Road Laoshi, Zhongshan Road Shuji, Dry Fan Fan Fan Fan Fanfish on Xianchi, Zhongshan Road

    The northernmost side of Zhongshan Road, Xianchi Fan shop, only sold from morning to noon every day to noon A little bit

    roast duck: Xinmin Road is about to be near the People's Park. There is a master roast duck near the People's Park r
    Frying snails in the "Tattana snail shop" opposite the oblique

    intestinal powder: There is a Guangzhou River Fan shop on the ancient city road. Remembering Laoyou Fan claims to be the first delicious in Nanning!

    The old friendly noodles on Zhongshan Road, Mustard MSG more
    old friends in the "Jianzheng Food Store" next to Jianzheng Cai City Powder, miscellaneous powder, brown seeds, ravioli, etc., are traditional folk snacks in the original state -owned stores in Nanning.
    old friends of the "Datong Fan Store" in Zhongshan Road are authentic.
    The old friend of the old friend is 3.5 yuan, a large bowl
    is next to Wanxing, Republic Road. There is a Yuguang powder shop next to Wanxing. Youfan, old friend Bazhen powder, frying powder, cheap, sufficient taste
    ANEAN Seven Hospital of Republic Road
    Xiaodu Laoyou Fan
    n porridge Product: The flower porridge, pigeon porridge, sparrow porridge with pigeon porridge, sparrow porridge and side dishes of the "Guangzhou Porridge King" are good places to eat supper

    You can taste the meat powder.
    The horse meat powder next to Qixing Road "Rich Cake House". The opposite side of Zhongrun is barely survived
    It the one of Shuangyaojing (as if it is called Fang too food), good enough, smooth enough
    *Boiling bag: Berton next to the four middle schools *Burning Bakery of the Treat Store and Jianzheng Road Branch
    The*burning bag of Jindu, Zhonghua Road tastes very good, just think the meat is less stuffing.
    nIt the delicious love fate next to the Guangzhou Photo Pavilion of Pedestrian Street, 0.50 yuan each, the taste is too good.

    Mung bean paste or red bean paste: the red bean paste of the fresh sweet pavilion on Zhongshan Road, mung bean paste, sweet potato sugar water water, sweet potato sugar water water He water circle.

    Sushi: The source of rice opposite the cultural market used to order the eel sushi and fruit plate there, and only go to the

    Ogly soup mutton powder: There is also a house near Xinwantong, Renmin Road. The soup of the powder is indeed fresh
    The adolescent palace and Tangshan intersection have a

    The one next to Luhuang Du is also good.
    The Fuji Photography Equipment Shop at the foot of the water tower of Xinhua Street
    At the junction of Zhongshan Road and Nanhuan Road, there are two. The first taste of the first one in the left hand of the pavement is the best. Remember to have a bowl of sour soup.
    The "Taxiangtian snail shop" on the opposite side of the water tower

    The lotus leaf rice: Lian Shengshuya's waxy lotus leaf rice
    Pink dumplings: Pink dumplings of Laogan Food Store in Water Street
    The twist -shaped orchid dumplings in the tank in the tank in the center of Gecun Road Radio and Television Center are green, transparent and tender, very distinctive.
    Shishengkou, the old powder dumpling shop, next to the quick dumpling dumplings, after 3.4 pm, I did not have to sell
    (Shi Lanekou: near the intersection of the crossroads of Gaofeng Road and Jiefang Road, that shop Opposite the locker room)
    The tail of Zhongshan Road is 2, next to the fork road is delicious, powder dumplings and duck blood are very good

    The Indian dumpling cake on the Golden Continent of Garden Lake Road

    BBB: Opposite Zhonghua Road Sports School, there is a Huang Yingji barbecue restaurant
    The big head brave barbecue on the right side of the Jiangnan Library, the grilled chicken feet are specially crispy!
    The ore plant obliquely there is a roasted green mouth snail on the opposite side, 3 yuan
    Opone of O
    Opirate grilled fish in Jianzheng Alley
    文化 文化 文化 文化 文化 文化 文化 文化
    Xiaofu Building opposite the first hospital of Qixing Road, roasting there Qingkou snails, ribs, chicken feet, good taro chips
    The barbecue green mouth snails in front of the small sale of the west Yili intersection in Zhongshan Road are delicious
    Wang Ba barbecue stalls opposite the dumpling shop opposite Shiqiangkou dumpling shop , The grilled chicken feet are delicious
    The grilled chicken wings, ribs and quails from Nanning Xiaodu
    The barbecue of Chenri Korean restaurant opposite the third middle school of Qingshan Road has its own characteristics, especially the sauce there is very Xiang.
    The pepper duck chin on the second floor of Jinhua Hotel
    The roast duck chin of Ziyunxuan can also be, there are two types of dry and wet
    The beauty of the beauty of the cultural palace, but do not like there Operating style.
    The barbecue stall called Buliang Yingying
    The Qingkou snails at the door of the pink capital at the intersection of Hsinchu Road and Liwan Road (the grilled acid grilled) The taste is very good, but it takes 11 o'clock in the evening to have

    The "Vietnamese girl snack files" in the flower and bird market of the National Avenue, there are many Vietnamese snacks, such as: chicken powder, meat, meat, meat, meat Cake powder, spring rolls and other
    have a good one on Jianzheng Road Alley. As soon as you ask, you will know.
    The diet of Tianhe, the Dream Island of Ancient City, the diet is good
    n Dog meat: Double Lamb of Lamb Dog Guts of Lamb Dog Pork, No. 1, No. 1 of Langle Road
    Democratic Garden Lake Road and Yulin Food City at the intersection of Jianzheng Road n Aerodo dog meat or rabbit meat pot is good, but last week again After going once, I feel that it is not as good as before repairing the road.

    Tar taro clamps
    The taro cake from Nanning Xiaodu
    people The taro horns of Nanning Fat Tsai Nanning Fatty Road are the signboards there
    Hans' plump taro

    Thente taro cakes of Sunshine City 10 yuan, remembering things that make people drool!

    The pig's feet powder of Wenji Powder shop in the mouth is not bad
    The gate next to the Tianhe Pink shop of the old dream ancient city road also has a Wen's pork ribs powder

    Changji Yulin flavor of Zhongshan Road (but every time I go, I will ask a small bowl of beef balls alone, the soup is fresh and thick)
    KFC Hou Detian Tao Road on Qixing Road also has the capital Yes

    Wonton: There is an old Nanning Yunnan in the opposite side of peace. There are also Wonton, the taste of Wonton itself, that is, the soup of Wonton is very fresh
    The soup of the soup of the snacks of Shaxian Snacks in the Sanpin King of Jianzheng Road, the filling of the soup of the king of the king There is also a Yunnan king branch in Beining Street and Alley next to Wanlong. Sister Lan, thinks that the sauce is not as good as the good
    The Wangfu Niu Miscellaneous on the old airport road
    n Bonat: The signature beef steak and
    The gold medal beef steak of Xinhua Hotel on the National Avenue is in line with the taste of Nanning people, tender but not greasy.

    Egg Tart: One Pinxuan has no previous good.
    The beauty stores opposite the Xinmin Road Public Security Department
    In half -leisure
    Bolton of Zhenglu 4 o'clock in the afternoon

    pigeons: Ziyunxuan's tea incense pigeons
    The grilled pigeons on the Golden Continent on the Garden Lake Road n Wan Chai flavor is OK, However, I feel that the master is baking wet.

    The radish crispy or durian crisp: Wan Chai flavor
    Nanning fatzi on Renmin Road
    Personally, I like to eat fertilizer and half -idle
    The durian crispy of seafood ancestors, I feel the best, the feeling of the entrance

    R N Jinling Spring on the extension of Dongge Road is the best pumpkin bread I have ever eaten
    . The taste of Jin continental on the Garden Lake Road is okay. It is not worth mentioning by other branches. R n Lotus root cake: The lotus root cakes of the Huangdue Road in Zhongshan Road were known. I have not tried it recently.

    old friends fried powder and powder insect: Yushi Pavilion General Store next to the sun city It's slippery but not greasy, refreshing appetizers, not as good as the main store of the main store
    The food on the opposite side of Xianfeng Pavilion, Zhongshan Road
    Fan shop, frying powder
    has a "old -fashioned powder shop" frying powder

    screw fans: Yuxifeng back door of the pink fragrance (recently moved to Diantong next to Bandung God in it) You can also
    The "Ningning Liuzhou Screw Fan" store on the opposite side of Nanning 14th Middle School, Jianzheng Road, has been operating for 13 years, and the taste is authentic
    There is a snail noodle powder, and the long queue
    Farship of the West Yili Chemical School of the Rural Court Road, there is also a room in the West University (the burning sausage powder is also done well) n
    The soup bag: Although most of the things in Kaifeng Tianxia Soup Store below are not delicious, the soup bag is pretty good.
    The Zhou soup bag on the road to the flower and bird market road The store is also okay. It is mainly cheap, only 0.5O yuan.

    water (soup) circle: the dumplings of the dumplings of the yellow dessert shop next to Jianzheng Road r r
    's five -color dumplings in Sunshine City are not only beautiful but also exquisite
    In the tank in the tank. Do not miss the tribal stocks and chocolate dumplings there. It is really beautiful

    Fan profit: The old flavor of the old flavor across the city village of Jiefang Road is fresh meat, pig miscellaneous, beef and other large bowls, soup is really fresh
    Old friends of the old -fashioned Liuzhou snail shop opposite the Lao Song, the old friend of Liuzhou snail shop, Sanxian, etc. OK
    The fried buns opposite the new people's marketing market are also good
    The fried buns in the Garden Lake Jin mainland store are also very good.

    Sri Lanka is spicy, rich in Sichuan flavor.
    This Tip Light Water Bar in Pedestrian Street Tear Beef Crispy Sweet. Lanzhou Ramen. The taste is sweet

    Chicken powder: Mingxiu Road! In the courtyard of the prefecture committee! There is a true treasure ... chicken powder in the mosque in the pedestrian street

    Sagida: Coconut milk sago, coconut milk, coconut milk is full of fragrant coconut milk, and the sago is enough to get hot. It is better than Zhongshan Road. n Baozhai's red beans and sibiri
    The red beans and sago
    Malaysia Zha in Wan Chai (ie, taro Simi dew)
    n Mi Fan: The one on the intersection on the intersection of Jianzheng Road and Gucheng Road, the squeezed pinks one by one
    The Yu's squeeze rice noodles on Tangshan Road also
    The taste is very good
    The Ruan Hongsheng squeezed rice noodles in the water street
    The daily squeeze shop in the water street and the raw squeezing powder of Hongyuan Shengsheng rice noodle shop
    Pig Tail Pot and Taro Fip
    The sour wild stalls next to the northern securities in the fourteenth in the fourteenth. n's Yibaozhai on Nanguo Street, the desserts inside are good
    The eight treasure porridge on Jianzheng Road, sesame paste and egg milk
    Xiu Li, Better "369" Binyang Dog meat shop, there are white chopped dogs, crispy dogs, yellow steamed dogs n Xinghu Road (large version of the back door) China Unicom Nanning Branch next to China Unicom R N In the Hsinchu intersection of Lingli's chicken soup powder, pig's foot powder is delicious ~
    The screw powder and old friends frying powder and frying pink insects
    The sweet potato dumplings are delicious
    The pancakes of Fengling Shennong Tower are delicious. n Bingyang acid powder: Next to Beihu, Beihu, Beihu, Beihu, there is a Xianhu restaurant. The flavor of Binyang acid powder inside is good
    The Bingyang acid powder of Jin continent is good
    three products on the hole entrance of the floor hole Between Wang and the train floor, there is a large gear called "Binyang Tsai" with delicious

    Niu Miscellaneous: Education Road Art College

    Street, I do n’t know what to say, there are
    Shenghui who sells fried fish next to the stalls
    Master roast duck

    After sale at 4:30 in the afternoon, Xiangpiao will be launched
    Niu Miscellaneous: The back door of the Academy of Arts in the Lane Art Academy, Xinghu Road, a lot of mm to eat
    2 The back door in the back door
    Barbecue: "Akang Barbecue" at the entrance of the ICBC at the entrance of the ICBC

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  4. People's Park, Qingxiu Mountain, and Grand Plaza. You can watch water movies for free in the Great Plaza on Friday. You can also visit Guangxi University.

  5. Primary school students can go to the zoo, People's Park, Qingxiu Mountain, Daming Mountain, Yangmei Ancient Town. Now they can also take swimming to Jiahe City 101 in Nanning.

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