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  1. Families for dogs are most afraid of dogs with long parasites. Many dog ​​parasites are commonly affected by humans and animals. These parasites not only endanger the health of dogs and even life, but also seriously endanger people's healthy lives. For example, the deaths of tapeworm injuries in various parts of the country have shown the threat of parasitic parasites on human and animal health. Dogs of parasites are two categories: exterior parasites and parasites in the body. Different parasites have different methods of deworming.

    The types of parasites
    . Parasites in the body

    For hookworms, nematodes, bowworms, whip worms, tapeworms, etc. Dog administrations, pet shops and veterinary shops are sold. Some parasites in the body are more difficult to drive, and they must be killed with special drugs. If the symptoms of the dog's parasites after taking insecticidal drugs are still not disappeared, it is best to find a veterinarian or a pet doctor to check it to determine the specific specific specific What kind of parasitic infection is used for targeted medication.

    . Pregnant bitch deworming

    For the pregnant bitch, you cannot take an internal deworming medicine. , Even cause death or abortion.

    . Stubborn parasites in vitro

    The in vitro parasites generally do not need to take deworming medicine, but for stubborn parasites such as tapeworms, only the effect of taking medicine and killing Better. Drugs that can give dogs that drive out the in vitro parasites can kill the internal and in vitro parasites, and the effect is particularly effective in dealing with tapeworms.

    . General in vitro parasites

    The in vitro parasites such as dog lice, fleas, mites, etc., can be killed by medication bath. The medicine bath can choose special drugs in pet pharmacies, insist on washing more than three times, and washed once or twice a day. Dog lice and flea can also use family to kill mosquito and cockroaches such as mosquito and cockroaches. When spraying, pay attention to avoid the dog's mouth and nose, otherwise the dog will be angry.

    The precautions for deworming
    . For the dog, pay attention to the time, pay attention to the time, and feed it when the dog is on an empty stomach. Mix the drug into food and feed when the dog is hungry. When the dog parasites are severe, the loss of appetite is often reduced. Therefore, the food is given less. Tempting dogs have taken medicine. If there is no dedicated dog catcher tool, it is best not to do it by yourself to avoid dogs from hurting people. If the dog does not eat, then the method of food and feeding can be used. For small dogs, you can use the medicine feeder to take medicine for the dog. Large dogs are best to find veterinaries to feed medicine to avoid hurting people.

    . If the dog has a lot of hair and fluffy, it often affects the effect of bathing and deworming. Therefore, the dog's hair can be shaved. Essence The shaved hair should not be thrown casually, burning, or buried deep, or use of drugs to prevent the parasites from spreading.

    . For the dog -raising family in the countryside, you can put the dogs on the rope and tie it to the loess slope. Loose the land to form powder to let the dog sleep and play on the loess. As long as you persist for more than half a month, the loess powder can effectively kill and drive some dog parasites, which is good for driving tapeworms.

    . Once the dog is infected with a parasite, the living environment often drops and escapes some parasites. In order to prevent repeated infections, it is necessary to take measures to take measures while the dogs must be taken. Disinfection of insects for the living environment.

    The prevention of parasites
    . You can put some new dried orange peels or lemon slices in the dog's nest regularly, or you can put camphor pills (some dogs may not get used to the taste of this taste ), So that dogs are not easy to have lice and fleas.

    . When walking the dog, reduce the time of the dog playing in grass, sand and other places. Do not let it contact stray dogs and cats with skin diseases; Spray the spray of in vitro parasites nearby;

    . Keeping the environment of the home clean, clearing too much debris at home, avoiding humidity and reducing the breeding of parasites;

    . Keep your pets with good sanitary habits and eating habits. You can usually bathe the dog with a deworming bath to prevent the parasites from recurring. The leftovers and leftovers of people should not be eaten by the dogs, unsusted, deteriorated foods, etc., preventing dogs from eating the cases that are prone to long parasites.

    Once the dog is found to be infected with parasites, it is necessary to repel deworming in time. Usually pay more attention to management and maintenance, and prevent problems before they occur. Pay attention to sufficient nutritional needs in diet. The best food for dogs is dog food. You can choose some high -quality natural dog food.

    This Bear was brought home to breed at about 4 months. Before breeding, I learned about some basic common sense about dogs, so my dogs also eat dog food. Non -greasy natural dog food, plus some fresh fruits and vegetables. Because dogs have parasites, it is easy to lose weight, so we must do a good job of diet and timely deworming, so that dogs can grow healthily and happily!

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