3 thoughts on “What pets are generally suitable for boys?”

  1. Boys are suitable for dog breeding, such as golden retriever.
    1. Golden Retriever retrieved dogs are one of the most common house dogs, because it is easy to raise, patients and not requires much requirements. As long as they exercise regularly, food and veterinary medical examinations are enough. The uniqueness of Golden Mao is that it is a flattering personality. It belongs to a well -proportioned, powerful, and lively dog ​​species. It is characterized by solidity and reasonable cooperation with the body. The legs are neither long nor clumsy. Police, self -confidence and not afraid of giving birth.
    2, Golden Retriever is the earliest recovery hound. Most of them are now used as guide dogs and pet dogs. It is very friendly to children or babies. Golden Retriever is the fourth place in the ranking of the world's dog -breed.
    3, kind and friendly personality, very loyal to the owner. It has rich feelings, cheerful personality, likes to play with children. Based on genetic characteristics, it likes sports and is quite greedy. Golden retriever is very smart and very humorous. Under normal circumstances, other dogs or people are not discriminated against.
    4, the puppies before four and a half months old, do not let it go up and down the stairs by themselves, be careful when going up and down. If it is too high to leave the ground, do not let it go up and down on your own. Twelve months ago, do not run with gold puppies, so that it will put too much pressure on bones that have not yet been completely calcified. Do not start too far when you start the running after twelve months, and gradually increase the distance.
    5. Because the nature of the golden hair hunting dog fur is associated with the skin structure, it cannot withstand the sweltering and humid climate. The golden retriever is easier to find the care of the hunting dog.

  2. Your question is a bit conscious, few people want to play. What kind of type do you like? If it is a lizard, I suggest you go to Fushun Liaoning to buy poison lizards. The only two poison lizards in the country are there. If you don't like it, you can also play crocodiles. Although there are people playing, but not much, as long as you are not afraid of being scared at night, it will be called at night! If the spider, you can choose the black widow, but I do n’t know if you have that the ability to play. If it is a snake, there will be too many, the bamboo leaves are green, the spear head is sale, and all the toxic snakes are sold, you are afraid that you will not be able to play! Of course, if you want to raise safety and allow family conditions, go online to search for expensive reptiles, more than hundreds of thousands. If there are really conditions, you can go to the crawler market in the United States to see it, that's more expensive.

  3. It should be raised with some masculine animals ...
    It large dog branches are good
    , such as large sled dogs, German Mu, Su Mu, etc.
    So it is not recommended
    but American rose red (spider) is also good
    or tropical rain forest scorpion
    This these animals look very powerful but docile.

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