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  1. Idea preparation
    Is to consider whether you are suitable for raising dogs before buying dogs. This is not only to say environmental issues, but more importantly, whether you think carefully, rather than suddenly want to buy it. Determine your own breeding environment before buying, whether the space is large enough, has enough economic support foundation, whether you have time, whether your family agrees, and whether you have related dog breeding concepts. If there is nothing, then it is best to do everything to start.
    S selection for you:
    The varieties that like sticking people: Bomei, Sherry, Japanese sharp mouth, Chisha, butterflies, and bear. Dogs stick to you and coquettish you, then this is a good choice.
    The friendly variety: San Bernard, Beijing -Pakistan, Biexiong, mini VIP, Labrador, Samoyed, Su Mu, Golden Retriever are friendly. Feel thoughtful, cooperating with your movements and thinking, accompanied by your mood to accompany you at all times
    is good at home
    variety: silk hair stalks, US Coca, Akita, bullfighting, standard short standards, short standards, short standards, short standards Mao La sausage, Bargus
    The movement is calm, but it does not seem clumsy. Mild temperament, not irritable or shy. There are endurance of working in the wilderness for a long time, and they are very invested.

    Baggi Dog
    The easy -to -train
    variety: white stalks in the West Highland, Bomei, Santa Bernard, Australian Mu, Rowa
    For hope for hope Cultivate the owners who have unique talents or listen to orders. These dogs are very suitable. They can fully understand your instructions and be suitable for some training. Pet dogs can be used as objects of viewing, games, and companions, and pet dogs can also be used as helpers for hunting, nursing, and guards. So how do we choose pet dogs?
    In as needed
    If for viewing and playing, you should choose small dogs such as Haba dogs, lion dogs, etc. If you want to hunt or the nursing hospital, you should choose large dogs such as Tibetan dogs, wolf dogs, and shepherd dogs.
    In the selection of dog age
    This puppies are easy to establish a solid friendship, adult dogs are relatively difficult to tame, and the friendship time is longer.
    Gender selection
    Plores are better fighting, training requires more time and energy. For mother dogs, it is generally docile and easy to tune.
    Observation of the constitution
    Observation of the expression
    The lively and activeness, strong appetite
    Observe fur
    The fur is fluffy and shiny
    Observed the eyes
    The eyes are bright and not crying, no secretions, the same size of the eyes, no external scars.
    Observe the nostrils
    The nose is black, slightly cold, and no slurry -free secretions.
    Observe the ears
    This cleansing without odor
    Observe the oral cavity
    The tongue is red, no teeth, the mouth is closed completely and there is no drooling phenomenon.

  2. Many people raising pet dogs are not based on their own understanding, but based on some suggestions from listening to others, or let more people imitate. In fact, pet dogs cannot rise for a while. For dogs, the owner is everything. Therefore, pet dogs should be a responsibility. Finding a pet dog that suits you is your responsibility to your pet dog.
    If you want to raise a purebred dog, you should pay attention to the dog's disease, it is best to prevent it in advance. Although mixed dogs have obvious advantages in this regard, some people are very discouraged by their predictiveness. In fact, purebred dogs are not necessarily suitable for every family, and everyone needs to be comprehensive considerations according to personal preferences, living environment and economic conditions.
    In general, male dogs will be more lively than bitch. Although the bitch is more docile, its maintenance should consider pregnancy and production. Do you have enough energy and endurance?
    The advantages and disadvantages of long hair dogs should start with its fur. Although it looks beautiful, some people still can't stand the characteristics of often grooming, and it is easy to get rid of hair. Short -haired dogs do not have these problems, but short -haired dogs are more likely to have skin diseases than long -haired dogs. For some netizens, long -haired dogs are more docile than short -haired dogs, and short -haired dogs still vary from dogs and cannot be classified in general.
    Big dogs need more space and longer activity time than puppies. In addition, big dogs eat more and spend more. If you want your dog to live a happy life without wronging yourself, you may have to calculate.
    We we can choose according to our hobbies and other behaviors. Live and active, the owner who likes travel can choose a male dog. Quietly, people who don't like to go out, people who don't like wandering around can choose it. Some owners deliberately go to the hospital to remove the dog's reproductive organs in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, reduce the estrus during the spring and autumn, and do not listen to instructions. This dog is docile and easy to train. It is not suitable for all dogs.

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