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  1. Materials: Line, needle
    Circle 1: Line A two -line ring, 13 needles long needles in the ring (1 stitching 1 needle).
    The lap: Turn over, 2 stitches in each needle (this circle is a half of the rear needle to hook, and every lap is hook like this, this circle is 26 stitches).
    The circle: Turn over, plus 1 needle every 1 needle (according to the law of 2, 1, the hook is 39 stitches).
    Circle 4: Turn over, add 1 needle every 2 stitches (according to the rules of 1, 2,1, we will add needles to different positions, so that the circle will not have edges and corners, and the hook is 52 stitches. ), This lap finally changed to line B to quote.
    Circle 5: Turn it over, plus 1 needle every 3 stitches (according to the law of 2, 1, 1, 1, the hook is 65 stitches), and finally replace it back to the line of line A.
    Circle 6: Turn over, plus 1 needle every 4 stitches, (according to the rules of 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, and 78 stitches).
    The circular 7-16: Turn back and forth without reducing hooks. Each line should be changed (78 stitches).
    Circle 17: Turn over, 13 stitches in a group, 1 needle reduction in each group, a total of 6 stitches in a circle (reducing the needle: winding on the 1st needle on the line, and then hook it from the 2nd needle. Come, then draw from the previous 3 coils, and then draw from the last 2 coils).
    The circle: This lap starts to not turn over hooks, and the braid needle is not added without the hook.
    Peofling: 3 locks, repeat (1 needle hook long needle, 1 needle hook long needle).

    Circular 20: Hook on the outer hook, the inner hooks on the inner hook, do not reduce the hook for a circle, the broken line (if you like the wider side of the hat Hook down).
    This, a two -color striped hook needle cap is completed, the hook method is simple, the style is also very fashionable, it is very suitable for novice friends ~!

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