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  1. Account cancellation can find online customer service or dial customer service calls: 10108088.
    App's operation steps to find online customer service are as follows:
    (1) Open the mobile phone honey bud.
    (2) Enter the homepage of the honey bud.
    (3) Click me in the lower right corner.
    (4) Click to help and customer service.
    (5) Enter the help center.
    (6) Click on the online customer service.
    Extension information:

    The account of the following rights after cancellation:
    (1) Account information, identity information, third -party authorization information will be empty and cannot be restored.
    (2) The use information and content information in all products of honey buds will be empty and cannot be restored.
    (3) Coupons, red envelopes, and membership rights will be empty and cannot be restored.
    (4) The transaction record will be empty and cannot be restored, please make sure that all transactions are over and there are no disputes.
    (5) The refund of funds that may generate the funds that may generate after the cancellation of the account will be deemed to be automatically abandoned.
    This development process:
    2011. 10 The predecessor Mia of the honey buds, the predecessor Mia, the fashion mother and baby supplies are launched on Taobao.

    2013. 11 Honey bud baby obtained the angel investment of Zhenge Fund and Dangerous Feng Huaxing.
    2014. 3 The official website of the honey bud baby is online and officially transformed into a limited -time special sale mall of imported maternal and infant brands. The monthly sales exceeded 10 million.
    2014. 7 Honey bud baby has received $ 20 million in financing led by Sequoia Capital, Zhenge Fund and Guifeng Huaxing.
    2014. 8 Honey bud baby mobile client is officially launched, providing one -stop mobile shopping services.
    2014. 9 Honey bud baby set up Ningbo Honey Baby International Trade Co., Ltd., and joined the ranks of cross -border e -commerce pilot enterprises in the Ningbo Free Trade Zone.
    2014. 12 Honey Bud Baby announced the completion of $ 60 million in Series C financing, led by H Capital, and continued to follow up in the last round of investors Sequoia Capital and Zhenge Fund.
    2015. 1 diapers to the port from the port of Japan.
    In 2018, Honey Bud Group was the "China Cross-border E-Commerce Forum
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  2. There are really many people asking this question. The new version of the honey bud app has a good camera function. The photos can not only have more than a dozen special effects processing functions such as "Gothic", "relief" and "faint". Add the unique "honey bud sticker" of the honey bud baby, so that you can lay a different brand for your pictures. The beauty of the new version of the Honey Baby APP APP has made Meitu Shenma weak, and it is very simple to deal with. People who do not PS can operate it with one click. Beautify the function, make more photos of babies, send it to the honey bud circle to share it with the powder ~~

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