Recommend several strategic business games!

The kind of city is similar to civilization, such as the Roman Empire (configuration low, computer antiques)

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  1. 小游戏:饭店大亨,虚拟城市,农场大亨rn休闲创造:孢子,模拟人生,奇迹餐厅,模拟饭店,仙剑客栈,百鬼夜宴,中华客栈rn事业类:动物园大亨,过山车大亨, Theme Hospital, Seaside Carnival
    Professional: 18 rounds of large trucks, simulated aviation tower, simulated train
    Enterprise category: Industrial Tycoon, Financial Empire, Railway Tycoon, Wine Tycoon n Marine: Island: Island Tycoon, Age 1503/1701/1404, East India Company
    City national category: Pharaoh, Zeus, Dragon's Rise -It is recommended to play with these three from them; City

  2. Major popular games-Line first rushing welfare discount-popular mobile game box
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    Only bloodthirsty bats fly away from the bottom of the abyss. Ji Yang sacrificed the Zhen Tianbei. The bloody teenager was immediately flew by that sword qi, bloody, and fell on the giant field. The blood flowed into a river, which was terrible.

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