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  1. General quality is sold in large shopping malls, and you need to customize the factory with high reliability.
    The safe is a safe device, which is generally located in the vault, bank or post office. The safe only stores gems, precious metals, currency or important documents, such as will and property contracts. People do not choose to put them at home to prevent theft, fire prevention, flood prevention, anti -attack, or based on various factors. According to the specific agreement, the lessee must pay the bank before using the safe, and the safe can only be opened with special keys, bank keys, unique signatures or mixing passwords of various attributes. In addition, some banks use human identification technology to strengthen security.
    This expansion information:
    The safety boxes must be installed on the wall or other similar hard objects before use. According to the national standard requirements, when the safety of the safe is less than 340kg, there is a fixed installation hole on the back and a fixed expansion screw. Users only need to install and fixed safe and cabinets according to the instructions in the product user manual. Please put the product instructions, door lock keys, emergency keys, electronic keys, battery boxes, lock hole plastic rods, shopping invoices, warranty cards and other accessories in safe places. The user manual records the product number and password of the safe and cabinet. The factory establishes technical files for product numbers and product models. According to it, users can retrieve the password of the safe, which is especially important for mechanical safe. Please note that these accessories must not be locked in the safe. In case the safe cannot be opened, there is no way to open it urgently. If it is a safe for the door, it is recommended to identify the key to the door to avoid the failure that the key cannot be rotated in the lock core. After the password is modified, it is best to write it down in another book to avoid the trouble of unlocked after forgetting. The keys and passwords must be stored separately, which is safer.
    This safe is suitable for indoor use at room temperature. In the environment of humidity and corrosive gases, strong sunlight and ultraviolet rays will make the surface of the safe's surface cracks and discoloration, the plastic parts change, aging, the surface rust, oxidation, the unstable performance of the electronic component causes failure caused by the unstable performance of the electronic component caused Essence

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer dear ~ I am glad to answer for you. Most of the shopping malls in various places will have safe and some specialty stores selling office supplies. However, considering the transportation problem, the general safe is very heavy and difficult to carry, and the safe purchased at the office products store requires it to be handled by itself regardless of transportation. Nowadays, e -commerce is very developed and can be purchased on JD.com and TB, which is not only responsible for transportation but also responsible for installation. Buying on JD has quality assurance. You can search for the first cabinet of HISS. Unlike the traditional safe, he is not only lightweight but also looks good, fingerprint unlocking, no longer forgetting the password or forgetting the key. Lien with the mobile phone APP, who and when to open the safe and how long it will be opened, it will be recorded, which is very safe and convenient.

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