2 thoughts on “What is lever in foreign exchange transactions”

  1. There are several types of things: margin transactions are currently mainstream foreign exchange trading methods. Through leverage, the actual transaction amount can be amplified. Most of the leverage that can be selected with the characteristics of "small blog" is: 50: 1 100: 1 200: 1 250: 1 300: 1 400: 1
    The most recommended one: {Love to die}
    Recommended reason:
    general brokers will provide 10 times to 400 times Learn. Relatively speaking, the deposit of 10 times lever is 10%, and the 100 -fold leverage margin requirement is 1%. So on and so forth. The size of the leverage can be selected by itself. Generally, more than 200 times the leverage will be charged overnight interest, and it will only be obtained or paid overnight interest according to the situation of the currency pair you buy. Specifically, you should choose leverage according to your own capital capabilities. There are risks to enter the market, and investment needs to be cautious.

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