3 thoughts on “How to buy a quantum chain?”

  1. 1. Log in to ZB account
    2, click [spot transaction] page -click [QTUM/QC or QTUM/USDT trading area] -select "Buy/Selling" — Enter "Buy/Selling/Selling The price and "buy/sell"
    3, click "Buy/Sell now".

  2. QTUM (referred to as "quantum chain" or "qtum") is committed to developing the third blockchain ecosystem outside Ethereum and Ethereum, and achieved point -to -point value transfer through value transmission protocols ("Value Transfer Protocol"). According to this agreement, a decentralized application development platform that supports multiple industries (including finance, the Internet of Things, supply chain, social, game, etc.) ("DAPP PLATFORM"). By merging the improved version of the Bitcoin core infrastructure and the Ethereum virtual machine version that can be compatible with each other, the quantum chain has both the indestructible blockchain network of Bitcoin and the infinite possibility of smart contracts. You can buy and sell the currency on the official website of China currency. The platform has detailed teaching videos to view

  3. Finding a platform that can be traded for digital currency can be bought. Some platforms are a currency of the platform with fiat currency transactions, and then the spot transactions can be used for currency transactions to buy a quantum chain, which is actually very convenient. The quantum chain has a transaction right in the USDT, QC, and BTCs of ZB. After you choose the transaction you want to conduct a transaction, choose to buy or sell, enter the quantity and price, click immediately to buy or sell it immediately to hang out orders. That's it.

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