1 thought on “How much gold coins are the king glory of Athena selling”

  1. The price of the new hero coupon of the King should be 588 points, and the price of gold coins should be 13888. Athena is more suitable for auxiliary positions. It is also the hero of the group, but Athena's operation requirements are higher, especially its shield skills. If it does not operate, it will become a weapon for others to kill her. King Glory Athena has a strong ability to advance, and skill damage is also sufficient. Although the skill effect is not the effect of the final version, it should also be amazing when the official service is launched.

    The glory of the king is a MOBA mobile game game produced by Tencent. The people around me include me playing this to satisfy your desire to open up with your classmates anytime, anywhere. It is really a mobile game download. The best choice, and the picture is exquisite, easy to operate, you can use the method of intelligent casting or to create a stronger kill, I wish you a happy play ~

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