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  1. Marshall is composed of 29 reef islands and 5 remote islands. There are 34 main islands and reefs. Among them, the most famous is the Jalu Eit Ring Reef, which is surrounded by more than 90 coral reefs to be surrounded by an oval reef, 80 kilometers long, 20 kilometers wide, and a total area of ​​1700㎞², the largest in the world, the largest in the world, which is the largest in the world. It is the largest in the world. One of the reefs.
    The archipelands are all coral island groups, distributed on more than 2 million square kilometers of sea areas, forming two chain islands groups in the northwest -southeast. The archipelago (Ralek Islands) is about 208 kilometers in the middle. Most of the population is concentrated on the capital Maluro and Qujalin Island. The coastline is 370.4 kilometers long. Bicar Ring Reef is the smallest of the Marshall Islands, located in the north of the Ratak Chain (also known as the Sunrise Islands), about 85 kilometers northeast of Utrik-this makes it the second and most reliance on the Marshall Islands. The islands in the north. This oval -shaped reef is about 13 kilometers north and south, and east -west is more than 8 kilometers. The land area consisting of Bikar, Jabwelo, Almani, Jabwelo, and JABOERO) on the reef is less than 0.5㎞², but the shallow lakes surrounded by these islands are 37㎞². The coral reefs around Kakar are continuous. Except for a narrow channel on the west side, because of its relatively isolated channels, the primitive animal and plant groups survive on Bikar Island. The vegetation covered on the reef is composed of Pandanus Tectorius, Lepturus Repet, COCOS NUCIFERA, Boerhavia Reauts, Pisonia Grandis, Argentea, Scaevola Sericea and Purslane Coptishalum, and Curdium bushes and vines. But the smallest island on the reef, JABOERO, has no plants, and is purely composed of fine sand and pebbles. Bikar used to be the main place of seabirds. Although the number of seabirds has declined significantly in recent years, it is still important. In addition, BIKAR is also an important spawning place on the vertical animal-green turtle.
    Orho reef belongs to the Ratak Chain (also known as the Sunrise Islands), located in the south of the Malolap reef (central part of the picture of Malolap). (TABAL, AUR, Bigen) and 39 smaller islands, with a total area of ​​5.6 square kilometers. They connect each other to form a large lake with an area of ​​240㎞² (more than 80 meters deep). There are two main entrances to the lake: west and south, and there are many smaller entrances and narrow straits. The Olho reef is 120 kilometers from Maluro, and about 450 people live on the island here, and are allocated on TABAL and AUR. And most of the other islands are uninhabited. The life on the Oluan Reef is quite traditional, and their living habits have always been like this, which has continued for a long time. Local residents are good at making ship models and huge walls. The lake on the Olho reef is an excellent diving place. In addition, there are a lot of tropical fish and corals, as well as turtles and small sharks.
    The Alino Ring Reef is one of the main reefs in the Marshall Islands. It is located in the south of the Ratak Chain (also known as the Sunrise Islands), 15 kilometers east of Matthew. The land area of ​​Alino's reef is nearly 13㎞², and it is composed of 133 small islands. There is also a large lake circled by reefs on the reef, 339 kilometers deep. The appearance of Alino reef is extremely irregular. There is about 2069 (1999) on Alino's reef. It is one of the many reefs on the Marshall Islands and has two aircraft runways. There is a LONAR area famous for "sex schools" on Alino Reef. Here, young ladies have received sex education. The LONGAR POINT waters of Alino is an excellent place for ocean fishing. There are a lot of Malaysia, scutellaria, tuna and flagfish, and so on. Every month, there are about 4,500 kg of tuna and reef fish. The main islands on Alino's reef are, KOBJLTAK, LANGOR and TUTU. At the same time, here is the most populous place.
    Iluk reef belongs to the Ratak Chain, also known as the Sunrise Islands, 72 kilometers north of Wotje Atoll. Composition, and these small islands are almost all east of the reef. The total area of ​​Aluque reef is 5.4 --- The main islands on the reefs include Ajelep, Aliej, and Ailuk (the farthest on the left), Alkilwe Biken, Enejabrok, Enejlar, Kapen (the farthest on the right) and Marib. In the western and southern parts of the Elux Ring Reef, the edge of the almost continuous reef was formed, but most of them were drowned by seawater. There is also a lake circled by reefs in the reef, covering an area of ​​177㎞². There are three entrances to the lake on the west side of the Elux Ring: ERAPPU Strait, Marok Strait and Eneneman Strait.
    The is an island on the Ralek Islands (sunset islands). Instead of the nearest mainland, it is Langera Purgas, and the two are separated by the ocean, about 10 miles. Elin Ginai is composed of a large lake. From the air, it is like an island that has been hollowed out. The terrain is low, only a few meters high from the sea level. The total width of the reef is 27 kilometers and the breadth is 9 kilometers. The entire island is surrounded by coral reefs. The reef is composed of 25 small islands, with a total area of ​​2.8㎞². On the island, there are two entrances that can enter Erin Gina Erda Lake-Mogiri Pass and ENIIBUKKU pass, and their widths are 0.9 and 0.3 miles, respectively. The average temperature on these islands on Erin Gina's reef was about 27 ° C during the day, but the temperature at night was warmer than during the day. This phenomenon is related to showers. The rainy season on the reef is from September to November. The currency used on the Elin Gina Ring Reef is the US dollar, and the main power type is 110V60Hz. The region time is the British Greenwich time 12. You can take the flights between Micronesia and Aroha Airlines. Western navigators arrived in the early 16th century. In 1788, the British captain John Marshall came here to survey and it was named. The United States implemented military management from 1944-1947. In 1947, it was custody of the United States. The hosting ended on December 22, 1990. Economic development is mainly based on foreign aid, and its fiscal revenue mainly depends on loans or assistance from the United States, Japan and other countries and international organizations.

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