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  1. 1. If you deposit the US dollar into the Bank of China account and cannot withdraw the foreign currency in the account through ATM, you can withdraw foreign currency cash through the Bank of China business outlets.
    2. If you need to withdraw foreign currency cash, you can handle domestic personal foreign currency cash appointment business through personal online banking, mobile banking, Bank of China micro -bank, and China Bank of China.
    (1) Through the reservation function of foreign currency cash cash cash cash cash cash cash by personal online banking and mobile banking, you can make a cash withdrawal appointment for the currency listed in the function or the cash withdrawal of "starting from tomorrow, within 7 days" withdrawal. To make an appointment, China Bank retains the corresponding foreign currency cash based on customer appointments to ensure that you can get foreign currencies with the appointment amount at the appointment outlet during the appointment date. For the time being, only "18 resident ID cards" customers use foreign currency cash appointment functions.
    (2) Please pay attention to "Bank of China Micro Banking", click "microservice"-"foreign currency appointment" to verify as a tourist. After selecting different currencies, enter the function you want to make an appointment, choose nearby nearby, just choose the nearest nearby. The outlets make an appointment, and you can query the historical records of the appointment and screen it according to different conditions.
    The above content is for your reference. Please prevail in business regulations.
    If you have any questions, please consult the Bank of China online customer service.
    IV, please download and use the Bank of China Mobile Banking APP or BOC Cross -border Go APP to handle related businesses.

  2. The withdrawal machine can only take the RMB and not the dollar. Bank of China can withdraw US dollars. Any Bank of China outlets can withdraw US dollars, but ATM cannot withdraw US dollars; when customers apply for cash withdrawal business, they should hold the deposit vouchers and withdrawal methods agreed when opening an account; the acceptance agency shall not handle the cash withdrawal business without vouchers. The password extraction certificate can be processed on the online outlets, and the vouchers extracted by other methods can only be processed in the account opening agency.
    This information:
    1. If you need to withdraw foreign currency cash, and the amount of foreign currency cash extracted on the day is less than $ 10,000, please make an appointment with the business outlet and bring your valid ID and account to the business outlet to withdraw cash. You can also log in to mobile banks and apply in the "foreign currency cash appointment" function. If the cumulative value of more than $ 10,000 on the day, it must be filed with the foreign exchange bureau in advance based on the valid identity documents and the cashbight certificate.
    2, first of all, domestic ATMs can only take RMB and do not support foreign currency. To put it simply, our bank staff only install RMB into machines and do not install foreign currencies; domestic banks' "counter" does not support bank card withdrawal business of other banks (except for counter cards). You can use the ICBC card to withdraw money at the Bank of China counter. Domestic ATMs cannot deposit foreign currency. ATM settled in RMB. They can only deposit RMB and can access foreign currencies at the counter. All major domestic banks can store foreign currency. At present, bank cards generally have dual -currency function. Foreign currency can be stored after opening. For example, Bank of China's ordinary debit card is a dual currency card, which can deposit RMB and US dollars.
    3, ATM deposit method: First of all, the purpose of deposit withdrawal all -in -one deposit must be clear. For example, deposit in your own account, repay your credit card, or remit money to others. Only by clarifying the purpose can we take the right steps. If you are your own account deposit, find the corresponding bank according to your bank card, otherwise you need to pay the handling fee or not be able to handle it. Insert the card into ATM, enter the password to confirm, and then appear on the left and right columns. Find the deposit item and click it. Then, according to the prompt information, put the money in the deposit port, confirm the operation, count the banknotes and deposit. If you do not have a bank card, click the cardless and discount options on the ATM. Then, according to the information prompt on the page, enter the bank account and confirm that the personal information is correct, and the deposit operation is performed. It should be noted that ATM can only receive 100 yuan banknotes. Requires the freshness of more than 60%, no broken edges, damage, and folding. When deposit, the machine sometimes cannot identify banknotes. don’t worry. After sorting, put it back to the banknotes, or put new banknotes alone. If you have any questions, you can consult the bank staff.

  3. The US dollar is deposited into the Bank of China to pick up:
    1 can go to the autonomous terminal of the Bank of China to handle, put in the card, choose to settle the exchange, it will formed the RMB at the same day Essence
    2 If there is an online banking, it is also possible to choose foreign exchange on the Internet.
    3 If the US dollar exceeds $ 3,000, you need to fill in a list to the bank to get the account. After the account is in the account, you can settle the exchange. Go directly to the counter.
    4 If your card, you can also take your ID card to the counter directly.

  4. If you want to get it at the counter, fill in the foreign exchange declaration form, you can receive the RMB, and the handling fee has been deducted when the exchange rate conversion has been deducted.
    The dollars in the exchange of RMB each bank without special procedures, roughly the following processes:
    . Time selection. The normal time for redeeming foreign currency is from 9 am to five pm from Monday to Friday, and adjusting your time, but it can save great energy.
    . Venue: Bank of China. For foreign currency, the Bank of China is generally selected, because the Bank of China has this special service, and other banks generally do not handle the business if the scale is not large enough.
    . Fill in the form. When I arrived at the Bank of China, I told the lobby manager or the counter commissioner to be exchanged for the US dollar, and then they will let you register the number, provide a form for you to fill in, fill in as required, just wait.
    . It is very simple when it is your turn. You can directly provide your ID card and US dollar amount to exchange for RMB.
    Note: Apply for foreign currency exchange, and pay for the real -time card price announced on the day.
    It cannot be taken out directly. You can go to the independent terminal of the Bank of China to handle it. You can only be converted into RMB and put it in the card. Just take it out.
    If of the online banking, it is also possible to choose foreign exchange on the Internet. If the US dollar is more than $ 3,000, you need to fill in a list to the bank to enter the account, and to settle the exchange after receiving the account. Just to settle foreign exchange rates, the exchange rate is the same. If you want to take out the US dollar, you must go to the counter to handle it.
    If you need to withdraw foreign currency cash, the amount of foreign currency cash was extracted on the same day, and you should bring your valid ID and account to the outlets to withdraw money after making an appointment with the outlets. You can also log in to log in. Mobile banks are handled in the "foreign currency cash reservation" function.
    The cumulative equivalence on that day is more than $ 10,000. With my valid ID, the use of banknote use certificates and other materials, the foreign exchange bureau where the bank is located is reported.

  5. First, the domestic ATM machine can only take RMB and do not support foreign currency withdrawal. In short, our bank staff installed only RMB to the machine and not installed foreign currency;

    Second, domestic banks "counter "It is impossible to support the bank card withdrawal of other banks (except for removal of the counter), which is also impossible for you to hold the ICBC card to the Bank of China counter to withdraw money.

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