4 thoughts on “Please DHC experts help me distinguish”

  1. DHC is mainly working on the name of the product and introduction to caters to the young MM. The message version of the advertisement is flouched. In fact, there are not many technology content.

    In fact, DHC is simply cheap in Japan and sold in ordinary drugstores in Japan. In fact, it is good to be a drugstore. In fact, it is similar to 100 yuan stores. Essence Essence low-end product. Third -line brands are not considered.

    The girls who come to China to cheat girls at high prices, smart girls have to polish their eyes. rnrn-------------------rnrn首先从他宣传上说吧rn号称日本通信类Cosmetics sales are the first. Note that he is talking about communication. As far as I know, the Japanese buy cosmetics generally go to three thousand miles. Matsumoto Kiyoshi two drug chains, or department stores.
    DHC companies just played a text game with us.

    It, from the price,
    I is well known, a three -tier brand sold in a Japanese supermarket, but it sells a price that is not low in China.
    This is not kind.

    . Third, pure natural, pure plant, without any chemicals ...
    The authenticity of these words hope everyone will distinguish

    It is
    DHC's things that Chinese are sold in China. Whether it is deceived or a fake brand, the merchant will not tell you, we need our consumers to distinguish it by themselves

  2. I didn't see the packaging of your skin care products. However, reminding you that you may buy less or not buy a Taiwanese version of skin care products in the future. For this price, 88 yuan, 130 yuan, should be true. Because senior members or direct purchases are likely to get this price.

  3. Well, you put some pictures, let me see it, because I bought a set of fakes in recent times, so I have always focused on studying true and false issues. Later

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