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  1. In recent years, when speaking of the major events in the game circle, EPIC is definitely one.
    With the continuous quality of the game, many manufacturers have begun to be their own platforms. In fact, many game manufacturers have their own platforms, such as EA's orange platform and Blizzard's battle network. Since EPIC's exclusive storm, it seems that the platforms have begun to grind their fists to enhance their platform influence.
    returning to the Chinese market, the most used game platforms used by domestic players are still STEAM, and they are about to land in China under the operation of the perfect world; Good development has basically become the starting platform for domestic PC games. Recently, NetEase has been launched for several years of PC game platform "FEVER Game". This is also another company that has begun to get involved in the PC game platform after Tencent.

    Nease's PC game platform is officially named "Fever Game". At present, two games on the platform are on the platform, which are priced at 58 yuan in "Deep in the Earth" and "Tella Technology" for sale The price is 48 yuan. The evaluations of the two games on STEAM are "praise" and "special praise". It is worth mentioning that these two games received the version number in September 2019. The launch of the NetEase fever game platform is a low -key launch, and it has not made too many declarations. So what exactly does "Fever Game" look like?
    "Fever Game" Propaganda Video: V.QQ/X/Page/
    The overall simple style
    "Fever Game" compared to other domestic platforms, highlighting a "concise", of course This may be caused by the number of games on the platform. At present, the platform is mainly divided into two major sections: "Game Shop" and "My Game".

    The main interface of the game store interface and the platform is integrated. Click the game name on the left to view information such as category, price and other information in the lower right corner. The classification of the game is similar to the "style, category, game mode, etc." of most game platforms. Only 3 are displayed in the main interface of the store.
    Click "Get immediately" to enter the detailed introduction page of the game. Like most platforms, there are simple introductions related to the game in the game in detail, the game's promotional videos, screenshots, etc., developers, distribution time and other information. Compared to the Steam platform, the overall color looks more comfortable, and the content and information are more intuitive.

    It this other information such as DLC, recent changes, game details, related connections, system configuration requirements and other information. It is worth mentioning that there is still a "refund policy" on the platform. According to the platform introduction "All the" supporting refund "logo on the platform, within 14 days from the date of purchase, and the accumulated online game time does not exceed 2 hours, they can apply for refund from the platform. However, it has been consumed and has been consumed. Modified DLC; game virtual items paid in the game, including but not limited to virtual currencies, game characters, cards, skin, props, weapons, mounts, pets, equipment, etc. n can be seen that the "Fever Game" platform has absorbed the advantages of most game platforms and integrates it, but it is obviously different, that is, the "player community" and the scoring system are not added to the platform.
    It believes that for many players, when choosing a new game, refer to the comments of the game player and most of the players. The evaluation of one "one" and so on, judge the general quality of the game based on the praise given by the buyers. Of course, the evaluation method of Steam's "Yes or No" is not accepted by all players, so some platforms use the "star" or "score" system. This is very common in the evaluation of movies, so It is used to evaluate the game.
    The evaluation system will affect the preliminary judgment of some players on the quality of the game, which will affect the sales of the game. At present, this function is not added in the "Fever Game" game. Perhaps it is not too many games on the shelves. Maybe it will not be added like a "Blizzard Wars Network" like Netease's agent in the future. At present clear.
    Finally, a certain social system is also added on the "Fever Game" platform, which can record the number and duration of the player's own game. The friend system is also very simple. In terms of level settings or achievements of other platforms, NetEase's "Fever Game" is much more concise.

    It's design from the entire platform can see that NetEase wants to attract users through high -quality games and high -quality platform operation methods. The comparison of the entire "Fever Game" platform is "clear at a glance" without adding some extra features, or a system for the construction of some game ecology. For example Buy directly through third parties. At the same time, there are no systems such as transaction platforms, achievements collection, and level settings. The functions of the platform are more concentrated in games.

    For the domestic PC market, users often use STEAM. The rising show wegame also accumulated a lot of players to join through the user base. Netease is difficult to break from it. However, for game users, most users choose the platform to provide the quality of the game based on the platform. The quality of the game provided by the platform also reflects its sincerity. Essence
    The challenges brought by the lack of products
    In addition to users, the supply of excellent products in the platform's operation is also a challenge that NetEase "Fever Game" will face.
    In in the case of the version number acquisition, in 2019, a total of 65 PC client games obtained the version number, of which 35 domestic games and 30 imported games. The domestic and imported games are almost the same, but the total number has not exceeded exceeding the total amount, but the total number has not exceeded exceeding the total amount, Hundreds. The domestic terminal game has been inadequate, and the number of new products is insufficient. The number of new products is small, and the high -quality products that can be born will be relatively small. And in 2019, the client game marketing revenue was 61.51 billion yuan, a year -on -year decrease of 0.7%, showing negative growth. Correspondingly, the number of client game users in 2019 was 142 million, a year -on -year decrease of 5.5%, and continued to show a downward trend.
    The supply of new domestic tourism has led to the increasing influence of overseas excellent PC games and independent games in the domestic market. The introduction of the game's version number and the approval modification from overseas introduction, one or two time will spend a lot of time. The domestic version number approval is also increasingly stricter. I believe that many players still remember that in August this year, "Monster Hunter" was removed from Wegame due to the problem of the version number and improper operation, which also led to the decline in Tencent's stock price that day. The version number plays a decisive role for the game, and the corresponding platform will be directly affected.
    Faced with the current domestic terminal market, NetEase's "Fever Game" can be said to face a lot of challenges. Faced with many challenges and tests, the official of the fever game said, "There may be many difficulties and doubts, but we will always work hard."

    Slowly, everything is long and long. "Fever Game" has been launched, and NetEase will not make decisions if not prepared enough. It is understood that in recent years, NetEase has participated in the cooperation and investment of many overseas games. For example, Bungi, a developer of the "Halo" series in 2018, and announced the cooperation with the development of new game IPs; in January 2019 Business Quantic Dream announced on CJ in August to cooperate with the developer of "Total War" and introduce it to China. These games have a good reputation on Steam. In the future, they are also expected to see these games on the fever game platform.
    In addition to the investment on the game, the ecological content of the game began to build the game shortly after the platform was launched. For example, a video collection contest was jointly held with station B to promote the game "Deep in the Earth" on the publicity platform. Of course, the current NetEase "Fever Game" is still based on promoting the quality of the game and attracts the user base, because there is no special restriction on the platform during the event.

    Today, various game platforms have staged a "platform war", and each platform is striving for high -quality resources. For domestic platforms, it may be relaxed compared to the relaxation. Whether it is the pioneer wegame or just launched a fever game, there is a long way to go compared to Steam. The rise of domestic platforms has also brought some challenges to platforms like Steam, and high -quality user experience and platform operations have begun to get attention. But at the same time, how the platform solves many problems and challenges to face the future direction. For NetEase fever games, there is still a way to get involved.

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