5 thoughts on “Musk said that the dog coin crashed nearly 40%. What is the trend of the market outlook?”

  1. I think the price of dog coins will fall all the way. More than 80%of people are not optimistic about the future development of dog coins, so they will sell a lot of dog coins held in their hands.
    Has everyone knows that the reason why dog ​​coins can get such a high return is because of Musk's promotion behind it. Now the price of dog coins has declined by 40%, which has shrunk for any assets. They are very serious, especially for this cryptocurrency, it has been hit very much.
    I. Investors will further sell dogs. For a normal investor, after facing such a large price collapse, the first choice is to sell those dog coins held in their hands. According to the current situation, the price of dog coins is impossible to pick up within a period of time, which will bring further selling, which will form a vicious cycle.
    . The price will fall further. 40%of the plunge is just the beginning of a dog forced long -term prices. In the future, more people will sell their dog coins. Any assets have fallen continuously because the market is not optimistic about assets as a whole, and it is the same for dog coins. Nowadays, many investors are not optimistic about dog coins.
    . Musk received a lot of returns. From the price of dog coins to the current price, the price of today has plummeted. In fact, Musk's biggest profit is actually Musk. As long as Musk had held a large number of dog coins, before the price rose. These assets have been sold.
    The price of dog coins at that time could rise so much because of the result of emotional hype in the market. The reason why investors choose to speculate in consolidating coins is because Musk has some myths on dog coins and promoted the direct rise of dog coins. Therefore, Musk is the operator behind the false prosperity.

  2. The trend in the later period should not be very good. There are many problems now, and some people's remarks are not good for it.

  3. The trend in the later period is still very good, because now it has a significant rise, and many people will buy it now.

  4. The market trend is not particularly stable, and the development of the market is not particularly stable, and the fluctuation range is relatively large.

  5. The trend is not very good, because most investors are not optimistic about dog coins, and they cannot replace physical currencies.

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