1 thought on “How to thaw Pudong Bank Frozen funds”

  1. After the Pudong Development Bank card is frozen, you can use the following methods to thaw:
    1. Go to the bank outlets to thaw
    Ask some questions, just answer truthfully.
    2. Waiting automatically unlock the freezing
    If because the password is lost multiple times or the transaction exceeds the limit during the transaction, this freezing is usually temporarily frozen, and the system will automatically remove the freezing after a period of time. You can also call SPD Bank customer service hotline to relieve the temporary freezing state.

    This expansion information:
    The bank card refers to all or part of the functions of consumer credit, transfer settlement, access cash such as commercial banks (including postal financial institutions) to the society by the approval of commercial banks (including postal financial institutions) to the society Credit payment tools. The bank card reduces the circulation of cash and checks, allowing the bank's business to break through time and space restrictions, and fundamental changes have taken place. The use of the automatic settlement system of the bank card has made this dream of "no check and cashless society" a reality.
    Classification method
    In general, the bank card is divided into credit cards and debit cards according to whether the bank card is given to the cardholder. In addition, the bank card can also be divided into magnetic stripe cards and chip cards according to different information carriers;
    The whether the distribution subject is divided into domestic cards and overseas cards;
    is divided into different distribution objects to be divided into different divisions of the distribution objects to be divided into differentials into differentials into differentials into different distribution objects. Personal cards and unit cards;
    are divided into RMB cards, foreign currency cards and dual currency cards according to the account currency.
    debit card
    The debit card is divided into transfer cards, dedicated cards, and storage cards according to different functions. The debit card cannot be overdrawn. The transfer card has the function of transfer, access to cash and consumption. Dedicated cards are debit cards used in specific areas, dedicated purposes (refer to the use of department stores, catering, and entertainment industry), which have the functions of transfer and access to cash. The storage card is the bank to transfer the funds to the card to store it in accordance with the requirements of the cardholder, and the prepaid wallet debit card deducted directly from the card during the transaction.
    The debit card

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