Urgent request: Adidasknett Controller second -generation sneakers evaluation! Intersection

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  1. Name TS BOUNCE Commander (referred to as TS BOUNCE)
    The color scheme black and green (plus inner special model, the most stuffy color matching color color)
    official prices 1280
    technology: back palm technology: back palm technology , Non-Marking's outsole of rubber-free rubber, front palm adiprene , shoe body oversized magic stickers
    Evaluate height: 183cm
    Evaluate human weight: 105kg
    Test environment: 3 plastic field, 1 1, 1 Times cement field, 2 hours each time, 2 times the road, 4 hours each time
    The appearance design: the oversized magic sticker of the shoe body is already very eye -catching, the shoe toe is covered with a square breathable hole, the forefoot is large The area is ultra -thick adiprene , and the back palm is crystal clear. This TS BOUNCE design is in place. With the crazy offensive of advertisements, TS BOUNCE even breaks the strange circle of centers without selling shoes. TS BOUNCE is the best -selling shoes in recent ADI!
    The appearance scoring: (full score 5 ★) Score: ★★★★ ☆

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