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  1. CENTURION (referred to as CNT currency), the birth goal of CNT is to attract more people to become miners, so that they can use POW and POS to minimate and reward people using the app application.
    CNT currency is a safe and reliable encrypted digital currency, which has the characteristics of decentralization. The full English name is Centurion, with a total supply of 250,000,000 cNT.
    CNT currency's birth goal is to attract more people to mine, so that they can minimate with ordinary tools. CNT currency has a democratic system. It does not need to use powerful hardware, suitable for anyone, and reward people using the app application. CNT coins are proven by POW/POS fusion consensus, which can be processed and confirmed within 6 minutes. The block size is 2MB.
    [Extended information]:
    1, its characteristics are: (1) work certificate (POW). The purpose of POW is to check whether it was calculated during the creation of a new cryptocurrency block. (2) Certificate of equity (POS). This is a method that protects the cryptocurrency network by requesting users to display a certain amount of currency ownership, similar to the Bitcoin SuperStar App. It is different from the operational proof system for running scattered scattered algorithms to verify the workload of electronic transactions.
    2, CNT currency provides users with a level 5 POS innovation reward system and gets to different degrees of remuneration. It starts from a fixed 3%and increases at a rate of 15%per year. As a decentralized crypto digital currency, CNT currency can quickly ensure and confirm payment. CNT coins can be used to purchase services and products and can be exchanged globally. The future mining process of CNT coins will last for many years, and the energy -saving blockchain and a strategic reward system will make CNT coins more competitive.
    3, CNT coin's price today is $ 0.00010549, and the transaction volume of 24 hours is $ 0.00210979. The price has risen by 1.3%in the past 24 hours. It has a circular supply of 0 coins and a maximum supply of 250 million coins. CNT coins are listed on two exchanges, with a total of 7 active markets. The most active exchange of CNT coins is CREX24. The market value of CNT currency was $ 827.00, ranking 1757 among all cryptocurrencies.

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