2 thoughts on “A stock doubles a month at least a few points a day?”

  1. The stock can be daily for several consecutive days, but it will be temporarily traded for half a day after 3 consecutive days. The largest increase in a stock on a trading day is 10%. The stock price rose by 10%a day is called the daily limit board. The rising and falling system is derived from the early foreign securities market. It is a trading system that is appropriately restricted to the rise and fall of each securities in order to prevent the rise and fall of transaction prices and inhibit excessive speculation. The maximum volatility on a trading day is a few percent of the closing price of the previous trading day. In the Chinese A -share market, there are restrictions on gains and declines, with a range of 10%of the closing price of the previous day.

    This Reminder:

    1. The explanation above is for reference only.

    2, stock investment fluctuates with the market, and it is possible to rise or fall. There are risks to enter the market, and investment needs to be cautious.
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