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    Karl Kani brand profile

    21 -year -old Kani in 1989 due The street culture was very deep, so he started the clothing design of what he saw and thought, and the name "Karl Kani" was named Urban Street Wear (urban street clothing) in the New York clothing industry in the same year. In 1994, he founded the "Karl Kani Infinity" design company from the United States to the West Coast. Since then, "Karl Kani" has become an index brand of street clothing.

    Karl Kani of that year was just a t-shirt that was not available to the roadside stalls that could not fall to the ground. Now Kani recalls everything like what happened last night last night The original idea of ​​the original name when named the brand was "Karl Williams Jeans", but he thought the name was too long. After all, it was the secondary street brand. At this time, Kani thought of "Can i?" The word "Can i?", The little change, became Karl Williams Kani (full name). It has become a "Karl KANI" that is danked today.

    A rap music and rap singers have always been an indispensable element of HIP-HOP. It is also the best spokesperson for clothing to expose clothing. In 1997, Red Man spoke for Kani for the first time, and also opened the rap name. The gate of the combination of singers and clothing was before TU-PAC; Jay-Z and P.Diddy's own brands also endorsed KANI. The well-known rapist HEAVY D once said: "Before I knew Karl Kani, I had no concept to wear a self-style and characteristic stage clothing. The accessories made by Ningbu, bulletproof wool sweater, border hat ... and other products can be easily matched with easy and distinctive dresses. "He is very fortunate to have the appearance of Karl Kani, can he be hip-hop for Hip-Hop Wearing a surprise and spark, that feeling can feel that you are a star on the street!

    Karl kani to the 16th year. From several specialty stores to the leaders of the current pop world, Karl Kani has never forgotten the original "The Street" today. This is still the case. When street culture was brewing in Brooklyn in New York in the 1980s, Karl Kani was convinced that this culture would be the mainstream of the future, and therefore stimulated the elements created. Let all young people who love Hip-Hop street clothing can create their own style. You must admit that Karl Kani is synonymous with Hip-Hop's synonym and the godfather of Hip-Hop.

    Today, with the widespread spread of HIP-HOP culture in China, more and more fashion people have joined the cultural team that promotes this tide to IN. Karlkani enters the Chinese market at this time, and It is exactly the arrival of the Chinese Hip-Hop era! In fact, the real hip-hop is not whether you will rap, do you doodle, or your pants are enough or big enough, but whether you really appreciate the spirit of HIP-HOP. When Karlkani comes to China, it is to let the vast Chinese hip-hop tide designs from every detail design of Karlkani to appreciate what the real Hip-Hop spirit is: be! BE! BE! In short, creating your own trend is the revolutionary trend!

    Karlkani will bring a truly pure Hip-Hop fashion experience to the majority of hip-hop in the Mainland! "Hip -hop low -key luxury" will be used as the theme of this season. Whether it is the "banknote series", "camouflage series", "low -key luxury series", or the "street popular series" and "street sports series" of the girls' parts, In terms of design, the essence of hip -hop trends is reflected: innovation and independence! Whether it is a simple LOGO manifestation, or the personality cut of the denim version, it can make you really feel the hip -hop luxury in the low -key!

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