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  1. SAN's Chinese: Storage Area Network (abbreviation of Storage Area)
    storage reads [Stɔːrɪdʒ] Mei [STɔRɪDʒ]
    The meaning of noun means: storage; warehouse; n1, storage storage virtualization; storage virtualization; virtual storage; virtualization storage
    2, storage battery battery; [electric] battery storage group; common name for batteries; secondary batteries
    3, Food Storage [food] Food storage; food storage; food storage; preservation box
    4, storage capacitor storage capacitor; storage capacitance; energy storage capacitors
    5, storage wall [Jian] closet; storage wall; storage wall n extension expansion The basic meaning of the information of the data storage synonym Store
    1, the basic meaning of "reserves, storage", can also be "rich, a lot" in the index. It can refer to ordinary "stores".
    2, store is used for plural, can refer to the "supply warehouse" of the barracks or on board, or it can also refer to "department store, grocery store". When Stores is used as a subject, the predicate can be both plural and single form.
    3, Instore can indicate "reserve things", or "something will happen."
    4, the basic meaning of store is to store a large amount of goods in a special place so that it will not be damaged, so that it is available at any time when prepared. It can also be used as "to accommodate something, contains" solution.
    5, store can be used as a proven and a proven, or it can not be used as a proven. When used as a verb, the nouns or pronouns can be used as an object. When it is used as a proven, the active form often contains passive significance.
    6, store, adverbial adverbs Away represents "stored something"; connected UP indicates "storage"; connected with means "equipment".
    store's vocabulary with
    1, Close A Store closure
    2, Close down a Store Close Store
    3, Manage A Store Management Store
    4, Open A Store Store
    5, Open up a store Store

  2. SAN is a storage technology. It relies on Fibre Channel to provide higher throughput capabilities between the connection between the server and the storage device, supporting farther distance and more reliable connection.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer SAN value generally refers to the meaning of reason, the player value of the game on the Cthulu mythical table. To a certain extent, it can be regarded as mental power. For example, when you see some supernatural things, or terrifying things, SAN will decline when the spirit is stimulated. At this time, it is easy to succeed if the enemy uses mental chaos. The SAN value is also a concept proposed by the board game "Call of Cisu" and its derivative works. When the SAN value becomes 0, people will be crazy and lose their minds. In Cesu mythology, seeing unnamed objects or hearing weird voices will reduce the SAN value.

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