1 thought on “The old black cat owner is still leading the Euler black cat online!”

  1. Hi, dear riders, prospective car owners, and the intentional car owners who hold the currency. Today, posting is mainly about the main characteristics of Euler black cats, and some personal opinions! Euler black cat, everyone knows that the name is R1 throughout the year. After the change of this year's replacement, it is renamed Black Cat, but please note that the change of money is not just replaced. Improvement in configuration! To put it simply, the new black cat has a new 401km battery version. It is still the leader in the same level and is still far ahead! On the remote control key that our old car owners have been criticizing, we also listened to the user's voice, and increased the remote control key to open!
    does not forget the original intention
    It can always
    In perseverance
    only for the car
    The first impression of Euler Black Cat mostly evaluates the good -looking feature of this car. The appearance is Dite, the design is precise and clever, and the perfect combination of retro and technology is refreshing. I am surprised to ask: "What kind of car is this car, it's pretty good" Of course, Euler black cats are not just about their tables, knowing the car, and interested in Euler black cats. The performance is because it is a new energy of pure electricity, so Euler's battery life is also a place that has attracted much attention. A variety of versions can be selected for many car friends who need different car needs. You can choose 301km. The price is affordable. In short, even the minimum matching and the shortest battery life is very competitive, because most car companies are still hovering around 300km!
    The old saying in China. If you don't talk about the car, it is equivalent to the keyboard
    Belly admiring this Buddhist land
    The design of the central control is clear level
    Modern design and classical architecture
    Except for the weather, there is nothing bad
    , you must know, the meaning of peace!
    not far away, an old man is watching me
    The trunk is not water
    In the highlights, look at the distance

    It come to my co -pilot
    The sound of sound in the back row!
    The voice control is good!

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