6 thoughts on “Is Rainbow Island worth playing?”

  1. Rainbow Island. Of course, this changes based on human subjective factors. I think the rainbow is good.
    1. The characters are very cute and beautiful ~ Especially NPC, regardless of men and women, that cute ~
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    2. Many people pay attention, occupational issues. There are 5 major categories of Rainbow, Ranger, Warriors, Shield Guards, Engineers and Masters. Ranger can turn the gunman and the god shooter. The musket can also be tailored. The soldiers can turn the fighters and the supervisor, the mad war to the mad god, and the supervisor turns the dragon warrior. Shunwei turned the temple knight and martial artist, the temple turned brilliant knights, and martial arts monks. Engineering switching division (this NB, riding a large robot), the mech division to the high energy mech master. Mage to guitarist and magician, guitar rotary poet, magic to element sacrifice.
    3. Task. There are too many experience in Rainbow Island, especially the main line. As long as two people are looking for two people, how can it not give birth to level 4 or 5.
    4. Equipment. As everyone says, there are more than 1 million superbesty, and one item sells hundreds of millions. Of course, hundreds of millions of dollars are small money on Rainbow Island. It is virtual currency, not a roll. Rainbow equipment is very beautiful.
    The fashion is very good. But rare is difficult to explode. Many people keep fighting as long as they can't be brushed, which may not be good.
    5. Monster. Many rainbow monsters are very abnormal, on the spring island ... In short, it is very powerful.
    6. Everyone on the earth knows that the skills of Rainbow Island must be cooled. A perverted medicine takes 12 minutes, and
    is basically zero ~
    7. Background. I think the background of Rainbow Island is OK, it is grand, and there are retro -type super -Mary eight machines. Is it really good?
    It, if you want to know more, just Hi me.
    This URL
    Id additional pictures
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  2. It is worth playing Rainbow Island. I grew up watching Rainbow Island. From 07 to 09, Rainbow Island still has a lot of room for development, and it is too long for adventure island. Coupled with the fast upgrade of Rainbow Island, the background music is nice, so it is worth playing with LZ. As for you like it, you also have to look at yourself. Eggplant radish and green vegetables have their own love. The game can make a lot of money, but in the end you want to buy something. 1000 points = 10e more

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