1 thought on “How to pay recharge and shake coins in Kakaopay in South Korea”

  1. There are three points in the lower right corner of Kakaopay in South Korea and then click on the Kaokaopay logo there are recharge and repayment. Kakao Pay, a South Korean online payment service agency, raised 1.53 trillion won and about $ 1.3 billion in its first public offering. The company's stock pricing was the highest in the market. The source said the company sold stocks at a price of 90,000 won per share.
    kakao Pay is a member of Kakao Corp, a major South Korean mobile phone instant messaging service provider, providing financial services including transfer, savings accounts and asset management.
    kakao Pay development
    is a mobile payment and digital wallet service launched by Kakao, South Korea, allowing users to conduct mobile payment and online transactions, support the use of near -field communication and QR code for non -contact payment.
    kakaopay is built into the Korean version of WeChat Kakao Talk. Kakao Talk is 52 million users in South Korea. It is the most popular social software in South Korea. In 2014, Kakaopay was launched. There are more than 26 million users.

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