1 thought on “Why are people very malicious about virtual currency?”

  1. There are still a lot of opportunities in this era, but opportunities are only open -minded people.

    The open mind is the prerequisite for everything.

    The people are not without the road to happiness. The road is there, but the closed brain makes them invisible. The narrow thinking prevents their actions.

    The people who are not open enough for their minds and thinking. They always like to debate. In the debate, they prove that their views are "right" and do not have the psychology of knowledge.

    The world is not black or white, to treat the world dialectically.

    The virtual currency as an example. Many people hear Bitcoin as if they saw the flood beast. They were frightened and even took two stones to throw them away to run.

    "bubble", "scam", "cut leeks", "valuable" and so on are the labels of countless people who do not understand it.

    Perhaps these people have not even heard of Bitcoin's UTXO, nor do they know what NFT and DEFI are. They do not have a clear concept and do not understand it. They just deny it, deny a trillion -level market, deny a continuous eaten by Wall Street institutions, recognized by listed companies such as Tesla, Paypal, VISA, etc. What is accepted by the trading system.

    It, these people are like Kong Yiji in the new era. They lament the currency of the class every day. Once there is a way to put it in front of them, they can't understand it.

    If the final zero and demise of things are "scams", then human life will end, is it also called "scam" if we live, and who created this "scam", Tell us for decades in this world.

    If the old name is "foam", isn't it a bubble? Who defines the boundaries of "scams" and "bubbles", and who can define "scams and bubbles".

    The risk and income coexist, the greater the income, the higher the risk. Just as you bought a lot of lottery tickets for 2 yuan, the first prize will only be obtained by a few lucky people, and most people will lose money.

    The greatest fear of human beings comes from unknown things, so it is normal for some people to prejudice virtual currency.

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